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Revili'O is a Kansai folk punk band based on irish, Old American trad and Alt.Country. It consists of six people: fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, accordion, wood bass and drum.

A folk rock band based on Irish, Old American trad and Alt.Country.
There are basically six members, but the organization is often changed by live performances.
With a small number of people, the rustic and earthy atmosphere has been pushed to the front, and the activities of 6 people are differentiated.
By the way, there are wide differences in age and place of residence among members.
Formed in 2012 after predecessor JAD, Thy County.
In 2011, two people, Takeshi Nohara and Jun Kanno, originally made songs and performed live performances. In the spring of 2012, Kiri Mochida and Daisuke Yamazaki (both former JAD) joined.
Taking this opportunity, the band is officially named Revili'O. The etymology is coined by Nohara.
A few months later, I happened to meet Daiki Takagi (former Haggis) who happened to meet after a live in Osaka, and joined on the spot.
For a while, he was active in the organization without percussion instruments, but soon after entering 2013, Masanori Yamamoto called out after performing at the Irish Pub. Join as it is.
To the present.

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