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A seven-member Irish punk band formed in 2008.

A seven-member Irish punk band formed in 2008.
The sound of MoDERN B Beard is a vocal and punk rock organization with vocals such as mandolin, fiddle, accordion, bagpipes, tin whistle, electric guitar, bass and drums.
Based on the concept of pirates and drunks, the Irish Trad is the basis, and all the original songs are tailored to pirate songs that describe the voyage.
The activity has so far centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area, and has traveled all over Japan. In 2011, from May to June, the 1st full album "1ST LOG BOOK" was pulled across Europe, crossing Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. A tour is executed.
As an Irish punk band, all 11 performances including one-man were delivered in great success on the first European tour in Japan.
The following year, in November 2012, a Korean tour was also held. From 2013 to 2014, the range of activities has been further expanded, and the name has been expanding throughout the country through vigorous regional expeditions.
Currently, while continuing live activities, new songs are being produced for new album production. Scheduled to be announced within 2015.
A pirate ship of MoDERN B Beard, a seven-membered black panther pirate group who does not know the momentum, continues to make a leap forward in search of a new sea.
This voyage has just started

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