THE 69YOBSTERS/ザ・シックスティーナイン・ヨブスターズ

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The one and only skin head reggae band in Japan "THE 69 YOBSTERS"

HARDSTOMPER 69, the predecessor band of skinheads gathered at Harajuku RUDENESS (a shop run by a former member who manages a ludoboy purveyor), was formed in December 2003. After changing the members, it became THE 69YOBSTERS in December 2004.

Of course, the band's theme is consistently "SKINHEAD REGGAE".

In the 1970s, he plays reggae that emphasizes the beaty organ sound that was popular among skin-heads, a white youth of the UK working class. Since then, she has been active in live performances with a rough style. It is one and only skin head reggae band in Japan, and its sound has attracted attention not only from skins but also from music genres such as mods, ska, reggae and punks.

In addition, each member has a character and the staging is fun, the number of fans increases with each live, and the popularity is soaring that the next live offers from people who always liked it!

By the way, the origin of the band name is “69”, from 1969 when the skin head reggae was born, “YOBSTER” was slang “YOB” and spelled “BOY” from upside down “YOB ( It ’s something that says “bad”).

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