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In the past, he worked as the opening act of Blue Hearts and made his major debut at Sony in 1992. A very famous song “Red Flower” was provided to Rie Miyazawa and became a hot topic.

In November 1989, formed in Nagano Prefecture by Takeya Ichikawa, Makoto Kojima, and Fumihiko Shioiri.
In 1990, participated in the amateur band contest “BS Young Battle” Kanto Koshinetsu tournament organized by NHK. Although it was disqualified due to overtime, it was awarded the Special Jury Prize.
In 1991, the opening act of THE BLUE HEARTS tour.
On December 2, 1992, she made her debut with Sony with the single “Parrot's Trap”.
April 1993, Tour "Frontier Brothers and Car Movement"
In 1993, Rie Miyazawa provided the song “Akahana” (released on May 21) (lyrics / composition: Takeya Ichikawa).
October 1993, tour "Large movement even if it becomes a Tengu"
June 1994, Tour "GOLDEN POOR BOYS Runaway"
In 1995, participated in the omnibus album “ULTIMETE FAST BEAT” with RUDEBONES, SUPER STUPID and others (recorded song “WHEN A MAN LOVES A MAN”). I quit the office after finishing this song.
In 1995, it was suspended from this time.
New members Masanori Miyazawa and Hori Billy joined in 1998 and resumed activities.
In 2002, he participated in the tribute album “A TRIBUTE TO DEMENTED ARE GO” by Psychobilly Band Demented Ar Go (recorded song “GOD GOOD LOVIN’ ”).
In 2003, Hori Billy left.
In 2003, participated in the omnibus album “ROTAR ARE GO Vol.2” (tracked songs “Akahana” and “Annan”).
On November 12, 2004, release of split album “BILL & AMIGO” with Loughberry Dittys.
In 2004, the first DVD “Movie Show” was released.
In 2006, Daichi Takahashi joined.
In 2007, Kirika Yoshizawa joined.
In 2009, Masanori Miyazawa withdrew.
On April 11, 2009, the 20th anniversary concert will be held. Single “BEAR” released.
In 2009, Reiko Kitamura joined.
In 2009, participated in the omnibus album “RUSTIC STOMP 2009” (tracked songs “Beer no Awayohana Torenai” “B.A.D”).
In 2011, the first full album “NO LOVE, NO HAPPINESS” was released in 10 years.
In 2013, she left the Kirika Yoshizawa.
In 2014, joined Keisuke Mitanijima.

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