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Commonly known as “bon festival dance instrumental dub band” “youth bizarre DISCO unit”

Formed in Osaka in 2002.
After many member changes, current members are Yuta Mori (Gt), NEGURA (TITAN), Ito Corporation (Ba), BIOMAN (Synth), Kurihara Pedal (Gt), Akihiro Miki (Dr)
In 2017, the 15th anniversary of the formation, we released 3rd album “Tyipical” with new members (Key from CASIO Turkish Hot Spring).

Formed in 2003 Various members have been replaced and musicality has changed.
The members are Yudai Mori (GUITAR, etc), Yoshinori Okamoto (DRUMS, PERCUSSION), Nobuto Nekura (KEY, MIX), and Ito Corporation (BASS).

At first, he was developing his own pace centering on Shinsegae BRIDGE and his own event SPLAY, but his live performance gradually became a hot topic and in spite of the complete non-release of the sound source, various live artists were flooded, various artists Members who transcend generations and musicality and deepen exchanges live on weekdays on a weekly basis with 6 to 8 paces, doing too much live!
Breakcore, house, hardcore punk, dub, exo, comics, bonsai, food, misono, BRIDGE, New World, and most of all, their musicality is deeply influenced by the Osaka artists around them dance the audience Daily dance music that makes you feel nostalgic while being crazy. Sounds of that feeling when you eat delicious food, find a nice back alley, or get stuck on the other side. Fashion brand “NOZOMIISHIGURO” Event (2006/2007) and performance at Bon Odori (2006) Festival of the world's best NEW MUSIC “FESTIVAL BEYOND INNOCENCE” (2006/2007) “SYStrum” hosted by Seiichi Yamamoto (2007/2) / 9) Appeared in Kyoto's DIY festival “August Borofesta” (co-starred with Eageraten and Kurahashi Yoeko, 54-71, etc.), Tokyo's long-established raga jungle party “CHAMPION BASS” Old friend Midori According to the independent project at Yoru Shinjuku LOFT, the head mate of the Kansai Breakcore world, which is also a label mate, the outdoor rave “Gocha Festival” and “Several Days” (Yokohama zaim, Nisenmendaidai, Fairy tale, Hair (Stylistics, etc.) Furthermore, live at a nursing home (!!!) Tokumaru Shugo's record and appearance regardless of location and genre (all 2007) The pace of live performance further accelerated in 2008 `` Oshiripenpenzu, DODDODO '' I've never eaten sea grapes "Sea grape picking tour" Okinawa tour, brigade, Wattsushi Zombie, DODDODO, Limited Express (has gone?), Etc. Quality is guaranteed.

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