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Using drums as a video controller, he performed a performance (a kind of media art) named “Dorabi Deo” to play a drum while controlling a MAD movie.

In 2012, he retired from drums that he had worked for many years. After that, he resumed his activities with “DORAnome”, a self-made instrument that can be remixed in real time with video and music that has been developed for many years with tkrworks.

Develops an overwhelming personality and a unique worldview based on the concept of creating music from the instrument itself, not from the traditional music of the instrument.
This “Dorabideo” has been well received at rock festivals, jazz festivals, media art festivals, film festivals and art festivals around the world, and a large-scale world tour is planned for 2016.

In recent years, there have been many works using lasers that have shifted from planar images to 3D. In addition, the technology provided by ROLAND CACIO Vestaxs has been provided, and the more complete “DORAnome 4” has been produced.

In 2005, ARS Electronica (Austria) won the Honorary Mention Award for best digital music of the year. June 2007 Invited to Venice Biennale, the world's highest peak in the world of arts In August 2008, he was invited to represent Spain at the World Exposition of Zaragoza in Spain. In 2009, he appeared on the popular TV program “SMAP × SMAP” Yes. In recent years, there have also been many CM production TV appearances.

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