Black Bottom Brass Band/ブラック・ボトム・ブラス・バンド

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1993 / Formed in Kansai. Started activities as the only New Orleans style brass band in Japan. Trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, sousaphone, snare drum, and bass drum.

1993 / formed in Kansai. Started activities as Japan's only New Orleans style brass band.

Seven trumpets consisting of trump trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, sousaphone, snare ram and bass ram.

1996 / Major view from Pony Canyon.

1997 / Life & Recording in New Orleans, which is greatly covered by local newspapers and radio.
Since then, I have visited many times to date and have deepened my friendship.

1999 / Activity base moved to Tokyo. In addition to appearing life tours and events around the country,
Fusilok, Rigidsan, Summersonic, Sunset, Ulsan International Rock, Drum Brass Festival, Taichung Jazz Festival etc ~
He has appeared in various rock jazz festivals in Japan and overseas.

In addition, in charge of commercial music for JRA and UNIQLO, he provided numerous music for TV / CM and movies,
Hiroto Komoto, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Tortoise Matsumoto, BEGIN, Kazuyoshi Saito, RIP SLYME, m-flo, Hanalekimi
EGOWRAPPIN ’・ MONGOL800 ・ Kururi ・ Tsuruji Tsuruno ・ Tomoe Ayado ・ Aki Yashiro etc ~
The range of activities is widened by collaborating with various artists.

To date, 22 albums have been released.
The latest work is `` Turkey A Go Go '' (released in April 2017)
Brass workshops and music classes that convey the fun of music straight
Popular throughout the country! Since 2004, he has been active as a registered artist.

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