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THE REDEMPTION is a ska band to which KEMURI's Noriaki Tsuda (Ba) also belongs.

Its predecessor was the 2008 Japanese ska punk band “REDEMPTION 97”. KEMURI's Tsuda, Noriaki Tsuda and POTSHOT's Ryoji, formed to play a new ska punk. The nickname is Mike Park, a heavyweight ska punk guy.

The following year after the dissolution of KEMURI in 2007, Ryoma of the street punk band LAST TERGET, who was doing tours in RYOJI of THE LAST CHORDS, US and Europe as well as TSUDA and POTSHOT who were bassists of KEMURI in 2008. The predecessor band REDEMPTION 97 was formed.

In 2009, 1st single “Good friends good music” and 1st full album “Precious songs” will be announced one after another.

In 2010, he made an album commemorative tour around Tomeihan and made a great success, and appeared in many outdoor festivals, raising the audience. ?
The band was supposed to be making good progress,
In 2010, vocalist Ryoji withdrew.
Instead, a singer HAL with a reggae-style singer that pushes it all over is joining.
It is renamed THE REDEMPTION after that. I started searching for a ska and reggae sound that I took a step further.

As the band sound changes gradually,
In 2012, vocal HAL left before the planned single recording. I'm faced with a second-time vocal withdrawal.
However, the band did not stop here, and NOSE joined as a new vocalist, and immediately entered the single recording, and safely announced the second single “2012”.

The following year in 2013, SKA IN THE WORLD, a prestigious ska and reggae label, released a second full-length album “Rough Dance Convention”. It has a unique direction with a sense of air, and it evolves into a sound that can't be simply spoken of as Scarband.

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