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g6 PJ DOBERMAN/ドーベルマン - うづぐしまLIVE 2017 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


うづぐしまLIVE 2017 Performer details

A nine-member ska band formed in 1998 around Takashi Yoshida (vo). A two-tone ska band that represents Japan, including live activities based in Kansai, in 2002, accompanied by two-tone ska original, Specials Japan tour, and successful UK tour with BAD MANNERS. To grow.




The night club is devoured by a unique sensibility based on ska music and a wide range of music, and soon emerges from the Osaka Underground scene.
DOBERMAN parties were held all over the world, and the overwhelming live performance with the pupil open continued to release a large amount of audience dopamine.
The music of the current form has attracted attention from overseas, and has received acclaim for his performances with specials, bad manners, busters and other skaters.
The stage was held all over the world, and he actively pioneered places of activity such as appearances in Europe tours and large festivals in Korea, and appeared in large-scale festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Alabaki Rock Festival, Fukuoka Sunset Live in Japan.

Over 15 years after the formation, he continues to run without fear of change, seeking new values. He has been active mainly in Osaka, and has released 2 mini albums and 6 albums by February 2013, and is actively performing live activities both in Japan and overseas.


Yasuhiro Koyama / Drums
Yoshifumi Kishikawa / Bass
Yusuke / Guitar
Takuya Hirai / Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Kenji Hara / Piano, Organ, Accordion, Pianica
Goe / Trumpet
Swe / Trombone
Yoshida Takashi / vocal, lyric
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うづぐしまLIVE 2017

うづぐしまLIVE 2017

A Uzukushima lively event with a smile and a lively Uzukushima LIVE created from everyone in Fukushima!


Release date















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Tickets for today



Event Details

Uzukushima LIVE
2017.11.11 [Sat]

・ THE ZOOT16 (Toshimi Watanabe Band)
・ Scott Murphy (MONOEYES ALLiSTER Scott & Reverse)

and more ~

・ U-ichi (LONDON NITE)

@Fukushima City, Fukushima City
(Gyoza Higuchi special stage)

Opening time 9: 30 ~
※ Rain or shine

● General advance ticket ¥ 3000
● General day ticket ¥ 3500

● High school ticket (both advance and same day) ¥ 1000

* Please show your ID at the entrance of the venue
● Fukushima local discount ticket ¥ 2500
(Gyoza Higuchi, undiscovered store only in limited quantities)

※ Free for elementary school students and younger, over 60 years old

⚫︎ Advance ticket release date August 25, 12: 00 ~
Started sales from eplus

Uzukushima LIVE official site
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Uzugushima LIVE supporter
Request for support

Until 2013, Uzukushima LIVE was admitted free of charge with your cooperation.
It is difficult to secure funds year by year and it will be difficult to hold free of charge, so it will be held for a fee, so Mozukushima LIVE ticket fee will be low and we want to set a price that anyone can come to play
In order to reduce ticket prices with the cooperation of everyone widely, to improve the environment of the venue and continue to hold Uzushima LIVE ...
We ask for the cooperation of many individuals and companies

Details of sponsorship

⚫︎Ship ¥ 5000
・ The company logo and personal name will appear on the flyer poster.
   Your name will be listed on the Uzukushima LIVE web page
・ Many posters and flyers are distributed mainly to restaurants and dealers in Fukushima Prefecture. Ships and promotes posters and flyers mainly in Tohoku.
・ Give an invitation ticket
* The number of invitation tickets will increase for two or more units.

⚫︎ More than 50,000 yen
・ The company logo (in large size) is included in the flyer poster.
・ We will give preferential treatment depending on the amount of money
・ As a supporter shop for Uzukushima LIVE, a company logo is placed in a conspicuous place on the top screen of the homepage, and you can announce company introductions and company promotion content on the LINK screen from the logo.
・ On the day of the event, company logos or advertising tapestry will be displayed.
・ Many posters and flyers are distributed mainly to restaurants and dealers in Fukushima Prefecture. Shipping and advertising nationwide.

10︎ Get 10 or more preferential tickets
* Each receipt will be issued.

[Please contact us by email below]
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⚫︎We accept orders for donations up to 5,000 yen
Can I register for sponsors using the form below? Receive directly at Gyoza Higuchi
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In Uzukushima LIVE

We are creating handmade and warm events with “Uzukushima LIVE to create together”
In 2016, nearly 70 people cooperated
It is Uzukushima LIVE with your cooperation!
Please participate in volunteer activities.
Volunteers who have participated so far have made friends by working together! There was a sense of accomplishment by being involved! I received impressions
I want to share the joy of creating Uzukushima LIVE together

[Name] Full name (Kanji & Yomigana)
[Phone number] Number that can be contacted
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[Age] Age
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[Occupation] Please tell me more
[Address] Please fill in all postal codes, street addresses, building names, etc.
[Participation date] Set up the day before or only on the day or on the day before OK
[Do you need a parking lot? ] None required
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[Has volunteer experience at other festivals and events? ]
[Volunteer section of hope]

We will contact you again after registering the above categories from the form below.

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# ZOOT16 #Toshimi Watanabe #Oisuka #Oiscalmates # Oi-SKALL MATES #DOBERMAN #DOBERMAN
#MOHIKAN FAMILY'S #Mohawk Family's #SKA

Live Schedule

Check the information on the event / live schedule which is scheduled to be held now!





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