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QP TG THE CHERRY COKE$/ザ・チェリーコークス - St.Patrick's Day 「THE WILD ROVER」 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S

THE CHERRY COKE$/ザ・チェリーコークス

St.Patrick's Day 「THE WILD ROVER」 Performer details

Japanese rock band started in 1999. Nickname is “Cherico”. Featuring "paddy beats" played with a variety of folk instruments, with a focus on Irish music and punk.

THE CHERRY COKE$/ザ・チェリーコークス



6 popular PADDY BEAT BAND (IRISH PUNK BAND) representing Japan with high popularity

Formed in 1999 in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
While creating a number of demo tapes, repeated live activities and member changes, expanding the field of activity nationwide, and reaching the current sound while making new attempts.
In addition to vocals, drums, guitars, bass, accordion, tin whistle, mandolin, banjo, boran, saxophone, trumpet, blues harp, etc.
From that sound, he will be selected for many overseas artists such as Rancid, FLOGGING MOLLY, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, THE SUICIDE MACHINES and STREET DOGS.
Appeared in large festivals such as FUJI ROCK, PUNK SPRING, and Countdown Japan.
He has worked energetically both in Japan and abroad, and has released 7 albums, 1 mini album and 1 single.

In March 2008, FLOGGING MOLLY sponsored "GREEN 17 TOUR" received the first Japanese invitation and performed a cross-American tour from Miami to Los Angeles and received a great response.
After returning to Japan, I received an offer directly from the booking manager of the prestigious New Orleans live house "HOUSE OF BLUES".
In 2010, “MY STORY -Tomorrow I haven't seen yet” was selected as the theme song for the NHK anime “Giant Killing”.
In 2012, he released his first full album “BLACK REVENGE” (5th in total). It attracted not only rock kids but also live musicians and musicians and attracted attention throughout the country.
In June 2013, the second major album “COLORS” was released.
In December 2013, Akasaka BLITZ One-Man was devoted to the stage, and a set imitating a huge pirate ship created by the members themselves was assembled on the stage, including lighting, special effects, dancers, etc. Entertainment beyond the punk band range Created a live performance. (This pattern is included in the DVD "Hoist the colors tour2013 THE FINAL)
HIROMITSU and KOYA withdraw from a one-man live at Tokyo Kinema Club in May 2014, but the band didn't stop their activities. He showed the strength of the band called OUT.
In July 2015, the accordion tomo withdrew due to pregnancy, but at this time the band continued to perform vigorously throughout the country without loosing activity.
Held independent project "BEER MY FRIENDS" for 6 months from January 2016.
In February 2016, new member MUSTUMI joined as an accordionist.

The music and activities of THE CHERRY COKE $ that stick to its own style are very precious in the modern scene and continue to be loved by many music listeners regardless of age or gender as a unique existence.


Formed in Tokyo in 1999. For several years after the formation, he has been active in underground genres such as punk (street punk and oi), psychobilly, and rustic. Gradually, he begins to appear in a wide variety of ant events such as rock, mixture, ska, melodic punk, hardcore, pop, brass rock, world music, etc. and gradually gains popularity. The most important turning point for the band would be tour support for Flogging Molly and The Casualities in Japan.

Performed at many large festivals such as the Fuji Rock Festival, Countdown Japan, and Punk Spring Nagoya. He has also participated in many performances of overseas artists such as Rancid, Flogging Molly, The Casualities, The Suicide Machines, Murphy's Law, GREENLAND WHALE FISHERS, Blue King Brown and Don Letts.

The East Coast called Frogging Molly in the United States, along with two major Irish punks, was scheduled for the opening act of the Dropkick Murphys tour to Japan in Boston at the Shibuya O-EAST on October 6, 2005. The postponement of the performance in Japan was eventually canceled.

The 2nd album "ROUSE UP" released in 2005 has received an album comment from The Pogues Spider Stacy who had an exchange from FUJIROCK FESTIVAL '05.

In March 2008, she participated in the US tour “Green17tour” of Los Angeles band Flogging Molly, who had been deeper in exchange. In July of the same year, the third album "Sail The Pint" was released from STEP UP RECORDS. (In the promotion video for the first song, "1999", the footage from the US tour is used.)

From April 4, 2010, NHK BS2, HI Vision “Morning” (Kodansha), the theme song of the soccer manga “GIANT KILLING” serialized since 2007, “My story” Pony Canyon) On-air with the opening theme song.

In 2012, it was announced that he would belong to MAD TV ARTISTS as a management office, and on July 4th of that year, his fifth album “BLACK REVENGE” was released from Tokuma Japan and made a major debut. Along with this, she actively appeared in commercial programs such as TBS “Live B ♪” and Nippon TV “Otoryumon” and FM stations such as nack5, FM-FUJI, InterFM, and bayfm. From April 20 of the same year, “Bright The Light” was used as the ending theme song for “Kirakira AfroTM” from TV Tokyo. (Album "BLACK REVENGE" recording)

The song “Bittersweet summer days” from the 6th album “COLORS” released on June 12, 2013 was used as the theme song for the sports news program S ☆ 1 on TBS TV. Also, the tour final for the album "COLORS" was held on December 23 at Akasaka BLITZ.

On May 11, 2014, members of HIROMITSU and KOYA performed live at Tokyo Kinema Club, and the first chapter of THE CHERRY COKE $ was completed. In July of the same year, a new member LF joined and held a Tomeihan one-man tour.

On January 28, 2015, the seventh album "THE CHERRY COKE $" was released. The album “RISE AGAIN” was used as the ending theme for Kansai TV “Uramayo” and TV Tokyo “Premier Melodix!”, And “MAGICAL FANTASY” was used for TV Asahi “Portal ANN News & Sports”. Member TOMO was withdrawn and lived on July 17, 2015 at Shimokitazawa GARDEN.

In February 2016, MUTSUMI, who was active as a solo accordion player, joined as an official member.

In March 2017, he appeared on the cruise tour "SALTY DOG CRUISE 2017" tour organized by the American Flogging Molly as the first band in Asia and performed with world-famous bands.

So far (as of 2017) 7 CD albums and 1 CD mini-album, 1 CD single and 1 7-inch record have been published. In addition to split CDs, he has participated in numerous compilation CDs and DVDs. Live activities are conducted nationwide, and even irregularly, they are also live overseas.




St.Patrick's Day 「THE WILD ROVER」

St.Patrick's Day 「THE WILD ROVER」

In 2010, Japan's largest Irish event, Wild Rover!


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Shibuya Glad





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Event Details

Club asia / VUENOS / asia P / NEO
OPEN: 15: 00 / START:-
ADV: 3300 / DOOR: 3800
Los Lancheros
Fhole Rag Orchestra
Let's dance Matilda
Hatch hatchel band
Shohei Muto (without permission)
Tsugaru Shamisen Dai Yamamoto
Whirlpool's End



Dabis-que? (T ¥ $ X)
fuminn (Drink 'Em All)
INAMI (Tokyo London Plan)
KIMIYOSHI (Tokyo London plan)
MORICAWA (Low-Cal-Ball)
Katsuya Sugano a.k.a.Tequila.Pro (http://ameblo.jp/spo-com)
Shishimaru (cinderella)
Yutaka Chihisa (NIGHTofNOMAD)
Sponsor / Irish Embassy

Live Schedule

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【Movie Producer】
Copperpot Film