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FR j2 コロボックルズ - 『DUEL』 ~摩擦原因 企画~ - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


『DUEL』 ~摩擦原因 企画~ Performer details

3 piece band from Osaka, CoroBockles




A three-piece band “Korobokckles” from Osaka, composed of Keiko Terada (Vocal & Guitar), Kokei Ishimoto (Bass & Chorus), and rina (Drums & Chorus).

In December 2012, the first mini-album “Dwarf Music” was released. Appeared in many events including [JOIN ALIVE].

In March 2013, the mini-album “Full Moon Rock and Roll”, which was sold only at the live venue before the release of the “Children's Fantasy”, was released nationwide in response to numerous requests from listeners and CD shops. The title song “Full Moon Rock and Roll” will be appointed as the ending theme of the movie “Amazing Night”.

In December of the same year, 3rd mini album “Kazaguruma Serenade” was released.
The song, which has both the nostalgic song of POP and the power of punk rock, has received hot support across genres.


Vo.Gu Keiko Terada, Ba. Yukikei Ishimoto, and Dr. at that time were formed to make the bride cry at the entertainment at a wedding reception of friends. Since Keiko is a small physique, it is named “Korobokckles”.

In the same year, he succeeded in packing his feelings of friendship and celebration into the music. On the day of the reception, Keiko succeeded in crying the bride with an overwhelming performance of reading out a letter that congratulatory words were written during the interlude.
After that, the three who tasted a bit decided to continue their activities.

Started making songs. Live activities also started.
1st demo sales started at the live venue.

Dr. at the time of formation withdrew, and the second generation Dr. joined instead.
The second-generation Dr. withdrew.

1st mini album "Full Moon Rock and Roll" released.
In addition, the current drummer rina joined. (Live debut from October)
Commemorating the release of “Full Moon Rock and Roll” at Shinsaibashi HOKAGE
2 man live. (W / shuttle runnings)
At the KING KONG Osaka head office, we performed Osaka Rock Day presents in-store live.

The first live in Kanto will be held at Shimokitazawa SHELTER.
13 First participation in [SET YOU FREE TOUR 2012] at FANDANGO.
Ishimoto appeared in NHK General [Document 20min]. (Childcare document)
Participated in [Osaka Rock Day 2012] at Namba ROCKETS.
Next, 2 man live at Shinsaibashi HOKAGE. (w / maybe)
"Full Moon Rock and Roll" 1st press sold out. Started sales of 2nd press.
Co-planning with Gorgeers [Korohaga] at Shinsaibashi HOKAGE.
ABC Asahi Broadcasting [music ru TV @KANSAI] Coro Bockles special feature broadcast.
The first one-man live will be held at Shinsaibashi HOKAGE on 14th
Tickets are sold out.
[OTODAMA `11 ~` 12 Otozumi Tamashi] First appearance in SET YOU FREE tent.
CoroBockles Ameba blog Recorded 25,000 monthly accesses.
First participation in [MINAMI WHEEL 2012].
Record the mobilization of the event No. 1 at the venue just before admission restriction and appearance venue.
The song “Full Moon Rock and Roll” is scheduled to be released in 2013
Selected as the ending theme of “Let's Get Away” (Director: Kakuei Shimada).
The first voluntary project [Children Meeting] will be held at Namba ROCKETS.
2nd mini-album “Dwarf Music” released. First nationwide distribution.
Independent plan [Children's Meeting] held for the first time in Nagoya. (Nagoya ell.size)
It will also be held for the first time in Tokyo. (Shibuya Boxx)
13th Performed 2nd one-man live [second dwarf solo performance] at FANDANGO.

The 1st mini album “Full Moon Rock and Roll”, which was sold exclusively at the live venue, was released nationwide.
Appeared in [FM802 RADIO∞INFINITY presents "LIVE INFINITY 7"].
Participated in Japan's largest music festival [COMIN'KOBE13] for the first time.
Held three months in a row [Koro Bockles presents] in May, June and July.
Appeared in [JOIN ALIVE].
13th 3rd one-man live [third dwarf solo performance] at FANDANGO.
Appeared in [OTODAMA`13 ~ Otoizumi Tamashi ~].
First appearance in [KISHU ROCK IMPACT 2013-Wakayama's largest outdoor music festival-]
Appeared in [MINAMI WHEEL]. Venue entrance regulations.
3rd mini album “Kazaguruma Serenade” released.

Performed 4th one-man live [4th dwarf solo performance] at Shinsaibashi Pangea.
Performed Tokyo's first one-man live [5th dwarf solo performance] at SHIBUYA BURROW.
Beginning with Sasebo Dazzle Puzzle, the first nationwide tour [TOUR 2014 Kazaguruma Serenade] is held.
[TOUR 2014 Kazaguruma Serenade] final performance at TIME BOMB RECORDS in Osaka.
Appeared in [MINAMI WHEEL].




『DUEL』 ~摩擦原因 企画~

『DUEL』 ~摩擦原因 企画~


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Event Details

Matsuya Town, 1st basement
OPEN: 18: 00 / START: 18: 30
ADV: 1,500 / DOOR: 2,000
・ The cause of friction
・ Colobocks
・ Sequin Fifth Avenue

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