花見+野フェス【HANAFES '16】 Venue details

Okayama Farmers Market North Village is an interactive experience-type agricultural park in “Katsuo-cho” in the northeastern part of Okayama Prefecture.




“Okayama Farmers Market North Village” is a lush mountainous area in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture. It is an interactive farming park with a theme of agriculture in 1997. Opened in April.

In order to promote agriculture and forestry and revitalize the region, North Village can interact with cities and rural areas, consumers and producers, and create and nurture agricultural and forestry products through a pleasant agricultural experience in rich nature. It was established as a facility where you can enjoy eating, buying, and enjoying joy and understand the goodness of agriculture and rural areas. The whole garden has the image of the livestock and forestry in northern Okayama Prefecture superimposed on dairy and forests in northern Europe such as Switzerland, Denmark and Finland. Taking advantage of the landscape of the forest at the foot of the mountain, the building is made up of plenty of wood, like a log house-style lodge, a farmer's house, and an observation tower.
There are also plenty of facilities for families to enjoy throughout the day, such as livestock houses, pastures, small zoos where you can come in contact with rabbits, goats, and kennels, and ridges with wooden playground equipment. At Farmers House, Bakery Studio, Strawberry House, and Farm, you can choose from a menu of farming experiences, processing experiences, and craft experiences.

The roadside market at the entrance of the park and the shops in the park offer local agricultural and forest products and local specialties at reasonable prices, and the restaurants and barbecue squares taste delicious food made from fresh local ingredients. can also do.

花見+野フェス【HANAFES '16】

花見+野フェス【HANAFES '16】

Hanami + Wild Festival [HANAFES '16] Event at Okayama Farmers Market North Village


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岡山県 勝田郡 709-4311


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Event Details

Okayama Farmers Market North Village
OPEN: 12: 00 / START:-
ADV: 2500 / DOOR: 3000
Place Special venue in the park
Sunday, April 10 (Sunday) 12:00 OPEN 20:00 CLOSE
Ticket Advance sale: Adult 2,500 yen (16 years old and over) Child & Shinia 500 yen (elementary and junior high school students and over 65 years old)
On the day: Adult 3,000 yen (16 years old and over) Child & Shiny 1,000 yen (elementary and junior high school students and over 65 years old)

≪Free for preschoolers≫
≪We will reserve tickets by phone≫

Ticket Reservation
Contact us ...
TEL: 0868-38-1234 (North Village info)

Store booth

[Opening offer]
Recruitment of shopkeepers to excite the event ☆
Depending on the venue space, it will be the first-come-first-served order including places! I'd love to! Apply early! ☆

* May not be accepted depending on the content. Please refer to the following for details.

Place Each place in the garden (it will be a little away from the stage depending on the venue layout)
Date and time See above
Contents Planning

Application method
For applications and inquiries, please contact us WIRELESS info TEL0868-38-1234 ☆

[Nora Dog]
"Nora Dog" from Hiroshima

Naohiro Tabibu vo G / Junya Masanari G
Funky Hotta B / Dr. Mukai / Ryusaku G
Masumi sax

Participated in FESTAdeRAMA'10 and FESTAdeRAMA'11

Summer 2010 1st mini album "Hana to Guitar" released nationwide, 2000 sold out

The famous song Nagarekawa is also used in the movie “Koi no Radio”. (Appearance in Naohiro Tabuchi)
Currently working on the second album "Aina Haina"

Appearing artist * Random order
Mr. Carmela familiar with HANAFES! !
An Osaka-based entertainment jazz band that has also participated in “SUMMER SONIC” and Fukuoka's large beach festival “Sunset Live” for five consecutive years. A group of 8 people who enjoy every genre and sometimes cross over to Osaka-like.
In addition to the high level of performance, all members of the Kansai group have talks and live performances that are full of entertainment.
The 7th album “REAL KICKS” will be released on April 20th! A total of 11 songs including the TV commercial song “Dog, Escape. -Ver. 2.0-” for Sony High-Res Walkman “h.ear × WALKMAN (R)” are planned.

[Autopsy report of drowned shrimp]
An art group composed of many artists, starting with "The Shrimp of the Shrimp". All members are equipped with elaborate shrimp masks for a unique live performance. In addition to music, the company also produces and announces trademark shrimp masks, some musical instruments, and costumes as “works”. Live = A ritual that evokes delight. It is like a festival by a tribe with a shrimp mask. There are a variety of ways to express music, from funk, techno and other dances to prog-tunes using heavy orchestrations. In recent years, she has appeared in many music festivals around the country.

An acoustic rock band based in Osaka, composed of six members: Tin Whistle / Clarinet, Accordion, Accordion / Vocal, Gut Guitar, Wood Bass, and Drum.
A mix of rock, Latin and other elements based on European traditional music such as Irish, Gypsy, Celtic, Cretzmer, Flamenco and Musette.

[Bubble next generation]
Formed in 2011. Funk Band in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The next generation of bubble generation. Consists of members of the so-called ice age generation.

If there is a bubble again ...
“Break in dreams, lose dreams, get in the way of dreams” You don't have to be a rich man ... I want to be a small man at least. I want to look great! I want to stop a taxi with 10,000 bills! Such compassionate comrades gather. My dream is to take a ten thousand bill bath.
Lives mainly at Kokubu FUZZ ROCK HALL. The hosting event “Bubbly Night” is also very popular! We also have expensive merchandise that can only be reached by the bubble generation!

[Pistachio Konishi Market]
Pistachio Konishi, who is in the second level of Kyoto Proficiency who sings the real world while talking about Kyoto. And the band "Pistachio Konishi Market" where members change like theatrical company ... I would like to continue to pierce such entertainment rock ︎Member Pistachio Konishi (bass, vocals) Masataka Kurose (guitar, vocals) Tosa dog Dutch (drums)

[Okayama Junior Jazz Orchestra]
It was the first jazz band by elementary and junior high school students established in July 2013 in Okayama Prefecture.
Pull out talent! Refine your personality! I'm aiming for a childlike performance.
In the third year of establishment, he has been performing in various areas. Children who continue to grow up listen to the performance of adults.
With that! ! We participated as a special stage for Chibiko this interval time ☆ Please look forward to it! !

[Dance artist D_29]
The powerful dance performance full of energy, the powerful rap and singing voice that pierces, and the music full of innovative power have a strong impact on people and keep the hearts of those who have heard.
Japan's first individual solo dance artist who produces, composes and choreographs himself. Overwhelming the audience, lively enthusiasm as if Pandemic (infectious) everyone in the entertainment of D_29 with a powerful catchy choreography LIVE gives power to many people, singing and dancing with the whole body spirit, courage Give impression.
With Pandemic SHOCK MV, iTunes first appeared in the overall category 4th, and R & B category 6th consecutive first place, literally led to Pandemic (infection).
Countdown to D_29 infection! Are you ready?

Appearing artist * Random order
MusicBirth + Next Singer Battle Grand Prix, Narumiya Cinderella Dance Contest 2009 Grand Prix, etc., SMAP, Doricam, Dong Bang Shin Ki, TRF and other high school second graders who also perform dancers in concerts with big names such as TRF [RINA]

The other day, there was an application for the free stage of the oyster festival, and it was a rain of hate! ! I've been doing my best,

so! The revenge stage! ! I came to visit you ☆

Live Schedule

Check the information on the event / live schedule which is scheduled to be held now!





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