Participated in the short film “Kugai” with a song inserted in the play!

A song inserted in the drama for the short film "Bokukai"


A song inserted in the drama for the short film "Bokukai"



The music of MOHIKAN FAMILY'S is used as a song inserted in the play in the short film “Tokukai” directed by Takuyoshi Yoshida!
This movie broke through the first screening at the 11th Video Grand Prix of the Japan Art Center, and will be shown to the public.
Please go to see!

Tokyo venue: Sunday, October 27, 19:00 performance
Kobe venue: Sunday, October 27, 18:20

Tokyo Venue: Tokyo Art Center 2F Cinema Blue Studio (1-4-1 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
Kobe Venue: Japan Art Center 1F Presentation Room (7-4-1 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City)

"life of prostitution"

Drama / 18 minutes / 2018

Director: Takuyoshi Yoshida

Photography: Hiroaki Takeda / Lighting: Yuki Maejima / Art: Chizumi Hasegawa / Recording: Hiroshi Oguro / Producer: Aoki Atsushi

Appearance: Yugo Tsuki / Shuri Inata / Yota Kawase / Issei Okihara

A man who only lives in a town that is isolated from society. What is the end of evasive self-affirmation?

Flower town that once flourished as a red line. Now it has been forgotten from society and the city itself is distorted.
The elegant hut that functioned as a mirage has now become a vulgar inn.
The man is a resident of such a shed. Get up late at night and watch the decadent exchanges that spread in front of you.
My heart was paralyzed and my desire to escape was finally gone. I know that these days are not good.
It is a story of a man and a city that can only live in that way.

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Japan Art Center 11th Video Grand Prix
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