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Tm Hl OLEDICKFOGGY/オールディックフォギー - MOTORS presents 裸 〜OLEDICKFOGGY Release Tour Special Supported By MOHIKAN FAMILY'S〜 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


MOTORS presents 裸 〜OLEDICKFOGGY Release Tour Special Supported By MOHIKAN FAMILY'S〜 Performer details

It features country and bluegrass-based “rustic stomp” with emotional and political Japanese lyrics, Japanese folk in the late 60s and early 70s, new music-like warm melodies and hard sounds.




A rustic band from Tokyo. There are 6 members: Yukazu Ito (vo, mand), Susie (g, cho), TAKE (b), Mirai Shijo (banjo), yossuxi (key, acd), Jundo Okawa (ds, cho). Country and bluegrass-based “Rustic Stomp” sounds with emotional and political Japanese lyrics, Japanese folk from the late 1960s and early 70s, warm melody and hard sounds like new music. Since its formation in 2003, it has spread its name with an average of 100 live shows a year and has performed with various bands.
In March 2017, released “Old Dick Foggy Masterpiece Demonstrative Edition” & “Same Sea Hen”.


Yukazu Ito (Vocal, Mandolin)
Susie (Electricguitar, Acousticguitar, Chorus)
TAKE (Doublebass)
4 string future (5string banjo)
Junkawa Okawa (Drum, Chorus)
yossuxi (Accordion, Keyboard, Chorus)

Formed “OLEDICKFOGGY” in 2003 after predecessor band “Pastrale Castle”. In 2007, the 1st full album "Prosperity and its neighborhood" was released from SSP (June 6, 2007).
In 2008, he performed 60 live performances a year, and appeared at the Rookie-a-go-go stage of the outdoor event “Fuji Rock Festival” at the end of July. The second masterpiece "RUSTIC can't be stopped" (PX200), a historical masterpiece released on October 10, 2009 after being transferred to disk union label DIWPHALANX RECORDS, is now live There is also a shocking splendor, it became a super long seller big hit, and it continues to sell now.

In December 2011, they released their new 3rd full album, “No, the opposite.” (PX240) (PX240) in December 2011. In 2012, we toured 103 venues nationwide. After releasing this work, the number of live offers from various events such as the main stage of “Kyoto Daisakusen” sponsored by 10-FEET and other genres has increased, and “No, the opposite is true”. .

And the superb masterpiece “Tsuki ni Nante”, the most exciting part of the live performance across the country, was played by all the members in the play of the movie “Close EXPLODE” (directed by Toshiaki Toyoda) released in April 2014. Realization. A month later, on May 21, 2014, the 4th full album “New World” (PX280) was released, and this work is also recording sales that exceed the previous work. From May 24, 2014, Tokyo Shinjuku LOFT One Man to September 27, Tokyo Ebisu LIQIDROOM One Man, “TOUR Shinsekai 2014” spans 42 venues across the country.

The 5th full album “Good Buy” (PX300) was released as early as March 2016. The longest travel distance in the tour car was about 22,000 km (half a half of the earth).・ Tour “Good Buy TOUR 2016” and 63 tours throughout Japan. October 1 TOUR FINAL Tokyo Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST one-man performance was a great success (mobilized 800 people, DVD in 2017).

In August 2016, the first documentary film “Madowa Hazamawarete” (directed by Jun Kawaguchi) was released at theaters nationwide (DVD version in 2017).

In January 2017, we released a collaboration single “PX if there is a bullet” (PX316) with ILL-BOSSTINO from THA BLUE HERB. Due to the overwhelming and shocking perfection level, it is now a big hit. In March 2017, two of the 30 best-recorded best albums “All Dick Foggy Masterpiece 撰 Exorcism” (PX320) and “Alldic Foggy Masterpiece 絶 絶” (PX321) were released simultaneously.

On January 24, 2018, the long-awaited new single “KUNG FU VACATION / Sayonara Gadamete” (PX332) was released, and on March 7, the 6th full album “Gerato” (PX333) was released. After that, since March, the longest ever 78 TOUR across Japan's prefectures, which exceeded the previous national TOUR, appeared in `` Fuji Rock Festival 2018 '' WHITE STAGE for the first time in 10 years, the tour final is Tokyo on October 28 A one-man performance was held at Hibiya Park Open-Air Concert Hall.

While organizing a rustic stomp based on country and bluegrass, it produces emotional and political Japanese poetry, Japanese folk from the late 1960s and early 70s, warm melody like new music, and sometimes hard sounds. The feature is to show the side. The 6th full-length album “Gerato” (PX333) in 2018 has evolved into pop, hardcore, emotional and rustic, and developed a unique style that transcends genres. And the amazing splendor of the live proliferated while crossing over supporters of various genres and generations. There are currently many live offers, and the average number of live shows is about 100 per year. And the music of the music and lyrics is the most important revolutionary music in the modern Japanese rock band. The sound played is a villainy folk, the overflowing broth is a punk soul. Dirty Rustic Stomp !!!




MOTORS presents 裸 〜OLEDICKFOGGY Release Tour Special Supported By MOHIKAN FAMILY'S〜

MOTORS presents 裸 〜OLEDICKFOGGY Release Tour Special Supported By MOHIKAN FAMILY'S〜


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京都市下京区四条通柳馬場西入 ミューズ389京都


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Event Details

Kyoto MUSE
OPEN: 17: 00 / START: 18: 00
ADV: 2500 / DOOR: 2800
・ MOTORS (Kyoto)

・ DOBERMAN (Osaka)

■ DJ
・ Westy Bong-Bong! Crew

■ Shop & Food
・ Descargo & Star Cat Garage
・ Mohawk Burger

“Tokyo stick band OLEDICKFOGGY releases new album“ No, the opposite ”! And in the midst of the national album tour!
This is a great celebration and MOTORS presents “Nude” will be held!
Co-planning with the allied friend, “Osakara Stick” “MOHIKAN FAMILY'S”!
A guest dog, Odoraka's mad dog `` DOBERMAN '', who has close friendship with OLEDICKFOGGY
DJs are OTUKA KENJI, INUIPPIKI, Westy Bong-Bong! Crew
A night of miracles where all these untouchable people gather!
Dance crazy to the eye! ! ! "

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