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MI Cm AFNICA/アフニカ - Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008 Performer details



Progressive nu jazz band formed in 2007 by Vo. Pf. Gt. Ba. Dr.
In the first year of his formation, he was picked up by magazines and radio, before being released, and appeared in the outdoor festival THE GREEN ROOM FESTIVAL and FESTA de RAMA.
The momentum of the live performance boosts the floor and is praised by various artists in Japan and overseas.
In live performances, we have sessions with a variety of guests such as sitar, MC, and dancers, and are always pursuing their potential.
What we can do is ourselves, so art and design such as jackets and T-shirts, Flyer at the hosting event, etc. are handled by Kei, T-shirts are manually printed by members, etc. We see from end to end as a single piece of work, and create it by ourselves.

In addition, the hosted regular event “Impression” will be started at the same time as the formation.
When there are many members a day, we go to four events, and we look for various artists with their feet, eyes, ears, and make this without compromise.
“It has a reputation for“ notice ”and“ other than that ”, and it has been a great success every time.

Several songs from “Impression” will be recorded on the snow board DVD produced by DELTRIBE, which will be released this fall.
For the first time in a few bands, surprisingly many people from various directions are supporting us, and the movement of AFNICA is continuing without stopping.
In 2008, he launched his own label, Tight rope record.

Vo. Kei
Responsible for AFNICA lyrics, song melodies and art in general. Started music activity from back ground vocal of cutman-booche.
After that, I went to Nagoya, Osaka, Hyogo for 2 years with a chorus of Raggae Disco Rockers, and participated in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe as a feature with HEAVYLOOPERS seSSion.
The artist is currently developing the right brain, including a solo exhibition. 4 dogs and 2 cats? living.
Diary of "progressive" kei

Pf. Lake BIWA
This pianist who participated in the recording of La Turbo, toured the United States with Maki Reika's support band, participated in various bands, and now pulls around club jazz in Kansai.
He makes the basis of most AFNICA songs.

He was born in Heisei who loves music, performance and creation for omnivorous, rock, funk, jazz, soul, pop, classic, etc ..
A slightly 20-year-old guitarist who continues to create tomorrow's self with his delusional habit.

Former Sugar mama bassist.
He belongs to various bands such as Sweet Hollywaians who tour the US every year and Spirit of Gypsy who releases CDs in Europe.
Unlike other bands, AFNICA's bass is large, but it supports the bass well.
He also composes.

Dr. Bancho
Leader who summarizes various things of AFNICA.
He is also a drummer of BAGDAD CAFÉ THE trench town, has a lot of support from other bands, and his music activities are busy.
I'm doing various genres and always thinking about interesting phrases.
Respected by artists in Tokyo, there is no end to the artist who wants to play with him.
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Full-scale activities start from January
February Starts a regular independent event Impression once every two months
October MINAMI WHEEL appearance
Co-starred with Asako Toki and Saigenji
December Performed on love sofa SPECIAL

February Impression first anniversary. The venue will be filled with Emerson Kitamura and JABBAR LOOP at GUEST. It is taken up by various magazines and becomes a topic.
May The first all event SPECIAL is held. GUEST welcomes Kobayashi Nozomi and so-ill (SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS) to create a new response.
June Appeared at the outdoor event, The Greenroom Festival. It is the only band on the same stage that is full of venues and receives high acclaim from various co-star bands such as BLUE KING BROWN.
Appeared in the club jazz event COOL TO KOOL hosted by KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE Okino the same month
July Performed with HAKASE-SUN in Nara
August Performed at the FESTA de RAMA outdoor event in Hiroshima
October Launched the independent label Tight rope record
15th same month 1st album “Impression” released

Sakanaction, SOIL & "PIMP" SESSIONS, BEAT CRUSADERS, HIFANA, CARAVAN, BAGDAD CREATIONS, Spinna B-ILL, leyona, Emerson Kitamura, DACHAMBO, cro-magnon, Asako Toki, SAIGENJI, Dog Ceremony, ASACHANG & Pilgrimage, CINEMA dubco MONKS ,Such


Aiming for an exciting event where all customers, artists, and staff are stimulated, “Impression” is held without any compromises that Afnika visits and makes bookings for a number of live performances a week. ”.
It was picked up almost every time in magazines, and it was a great success that people could not enter in the first anniversary.
Rumors have spread to various places with the name AFNICA so that it can be held from a few prefectures other than Osaka, although it has been a little over a year.
So far, we have welcomed a variety of artists from various genres such as Emerson Kitamura, ASA-CHANG & Pilgrimage, Saigenji, Hideaki Konno, JABBERLOOP, RUSTIC PANS.




Love sofa  X'mas 3days special 2008

Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008

Christmas 3 DAYS event of Love Sofa


Release date










Club STOMP/クラブ ストンプ





Advance Sale



Tickets for today



Event Details

Love Sofa -X'mas 3days special !!

2008.12.23.TUE at Club STOMP
Open / Close 17: 00-23: 00
ADV / 2800YEN ADM / 3300YEN (both for 1 drink)
* If you have one ticket at any of the 3 venues (Unagiya sunsui / club JUNGLE / ClubSTOMP), you can enter any venue with only one drink!

21st (Sun) @SUNSUI
OPEN 15:00 / START 16: 00-23: 30

・ Cutman-booche
・ 8otto
・ Rega
・ Fugacity
・ Pinch Yoshida
・ Jugem Tanimura (Watashi Shizombie)

22nd (Monday) @SUNSUI
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00-5:00 (* All night)

・ Zoobombs
・ Riddim Saunter
・ Rhyme cyst
・ MacArthur Aconchi

23rd (Tuesday)
Location: @ Unagi Sansui
「Love Sofa ~ SUNSUI ~」 ※ OPEN 15: 00 ~ 23: 30

・ Weird Retaro Travel Swing Orchestra
・ Urichipan County
・ Maki Rinka

Location: Shinsaibashi club Jungle
「Love Sofa ~ club Jungle ~」 ※ OPEN 17: 00 ~ 23: 00

・ Spring spring
・ Shakariki Columbus.
・ Ajara
・ Maboroshi
・ Yoko Sugase
・ Yasuo Inoue Burger
・ Canadyl feel
・ Min. Yoshida + Ryota Ueda (Crescent Soup)
・ Maki Nomura

Location: Shinsaibashi CLUB STOMP
「Love Sofa ~ CLUB STOMP ~」 ※ OPEN 17: 00 ~ 23: 00

・ Beautiful girl corporation
・ Smile brossom
・ Carmela
・ B-BOY full of wounds

~ Ticket ~
Ticket Pia tel: 0570-02-9999
1 day ticket (P code 310-179) 3 day pass (P code 782-213)

Lawson Ticket tel: 0570-084-005
1 day pass & 3 day pass common (L code 52171)

Sansui @ TEL (06) 6243-3641
Club Jungle@tel.06-6282-1120

Live Schedule

Check the information on the event / live schedule which is scheduled to be held now!





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