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Oe gB 韻シスト - Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008 Performer details

A rhyme cyst based in Osaka since 1998 is a pioneer of live music hip-hop band in Japan.



A funky groove master based in Osaka who has a reputation for vivid, original sound and groovy and excellent live performance.
After several member changes, he becomes the current member of the iron wall consisting of 2MC (BASI, Saccon), Gu (TAKU), Ba (Shyoudog), Ds (TAROW-ONE).
Since 1998, he has been based in Osaka, and continues to receive high praise as a pioneer of hip-hop bands in Japan and as a musician / musician.
In March 2001, they released their debut mini album “ONE DAY” (RD RECORDS).
Since then, he has released 5 full albums, 4 mini albums and 4 singles. One album has been released as a rhyme cyst band consisting of TAKU, Shyoudog, and TAROW-ONE. There are also many guest performances.
In 2016, he joined the label “Groovillage” hosted by PUSHIM. On June 15th, they released the 6th album, “CLASSIX”, which is the first album in 2 years and 8 months.
In even-numbered months, “NeighborFood” is being held in Osaka and Tokyo.
Rhythmists and enthusiasts are proliferating with solid footsteps in various places, including Osaka and Tokyo.


MCs and Players pursuing the originality of HIP-HOP gathered to form “Rhyme cyst” Band style HIP-HOP activities started.
Repeated live and music production, distributed demo tapes in various locations.
1st mini Album “ONE DAY” released from RD RECORDS.
2nd CD Mini Album “Relax Oneself” released from RD RECORDS. Recorded sales exceeding 10,000. Rahzel (from THE ROOTS) is invited to the event “SLOW JAM” organized by himself.
MC FUNKYMIC, who works together in Osaka, joins. Released 3rd mini album "Hereee we go" from Epic Records Japan. The album song "My style your style is ..." will be appointed for K-Pie Half CM.
Released 1st single “Local Speaker” from Epic Records Japan. The first one-man LIVE was performed in Osaka. Released 4th mini album "ROCK ON" from Epic Records Japan. Appeared in SUMMER SONIC 04 OPEN AIR STAGE with JURASSIC5, NAS, Beastie Boys and N.E.R.D. Sweeping summer festivals such as Hiroshima SET STOCK and Fukuoka SunsetLive. Participated in nbsa + × ÷, an event that gathered high quality domestic music. CHEMISTRY's single “Long Long Way” provides music as “Long Long Way”.
Released 2nd single “Shonen B” from Epic Records Japan. Released 3rd single “Let's Dance” from Epic Records Japan. Boils at summer festivals in various locations. Epic Records Japan released the long-awaited 1st full album “Global Speaker”. Participated in the nbsa + × ÷ compilation album “nbsa + × ÷ ~ Spontaneous ignition ~”. Tomei Osaka Quattro Tour.
Guitar Okeh has left. Allied guitar TAKU, who was supporting live, was officially joined. Established “Middle tempo production”, a voluntary label run by Ryo Sist. Released 2nd full album "FONKY & LOVE" from his own label. Organized by nbsa OSAKA. 750 people were mobilized for the first time.
Sax Hayashi Miraihiko left. Energetic production of new music and live performances with 6 members. In July, a new event "Great Pick" hosted by rhyme cysts was held. October Full album “GOURMELOGIC” released as the third rhyme cyst.
Each member's activities are also positive. As InstrumentWorks, R & B singer SWEEP, Arashi no Sho Sakurai, Ruthfonch, PAPICO, etc., providing music to various artists and genres and producing work. The King of Block Party “Neighbor Food” hosted by the legendary rhyme cyst is restarted! (Held in Tokyo and Osaka in even-numbered months as of 2016)
Withdraw from Drums Cooma. TAROW-ONE, a drum work at tick, joins as a support member.
TAROW-ONE (drums) is officially a member.
Established music office & label “LIL FARM” with member + manager Taco-Rice
Apr.RDCM-7003 "BIG FARM" Release
Nov.LFCD-1430 “awamori four dayz magic…” Release
Oct.LFCD-1431 Rhyme Cyst BAND "Rest of my life" Release
Sep.LFCD-1432 “HIPSTORY” Release
Oct. Arashi "LOVE" recording song "sugar and salt" composition and performance
Nov.Chara "JEWEL" recording song "Junior Sweet" Rmix & performance
Oct.Chara × Rhymeist “I do n’t know” Release
Mar.JR West Osaka Osaka Loop Line Teradacho Station departure melody "Life Goes On" composition
Apr.PUSHIM × Rhymeist “Do n’t stop” Release
Sep.Outdoor brand Milestone image song "Milestones" lyrics, composition, performance
Nov.LIFE IS GROOVE "Generations" Playing multiple songs
Dec.Azumi's "CARNIVAL" songs "I want it" "More More" lyrics, composition, performance
Jan.PUSHIM "F" recording song "MATTAKU" lyrics, composition, performance "A Place In The Sun" arrangement, performance
Apr.PUSHIM hosted a label “Groovillage” (Tokuma Japan)
Apr.TERRY THE AKI-06 "Healing" Remix
Jun.TKCA-74370 Rhyme cyst "CLASSIX" Release from Tokuma Japan




Love sofa  X'mas 3days special 2008

Love sofa X'mas 3days special 2008

Christmas 3 DAYS event of Love Sofa


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Club STOMP/クラブ ストンプ





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Love Sofa -X'mas 3days special !!

2008.12.23.TUE at Club STOMP
Open / Close 17: 00-23: 00
ADV / 2800YEN ADM / 3300YEN (both for 1 drink)
* If you have one ticket at any of the 3 venues (Unagiya sunsui / club JUNGLE / ClubSTOMP), you can enter any venue with only one drink!

21st (Sun) @SUNSUI
OPEN 15:00 / START 16: 00-23: 30

・ Cutman-booche
・ 8otto
・ Rega
・ Fugacity
・ Pinch Yoshida
・ Jugem Tanimura (Watashi Shizombie)

22nd (Monday) @SUNSUI
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00-5:00 (* All night)

・ Zoobombs
・ Riddim Saunter
・ Rhyme cyst
・ MacArthur Aconchi

23rd (Tuesday)
Location: @ Unagi Sansui
「Love Sofa ~ SUNSUI ~」 ※ OPEN 15: 00 ~ 23: 30

・ Weird Retaro Travel Swing Orchestra
・ Urichipan County
・ Maki Rinka

Location: Shinsaibashi club Jungle
「Love Sofa ~ club Jungle ~」 ※ OPEN 17: 00 ~ 23: 00

・ Spring spring
・ Shakariki Columbus.
・ Ajara
・ Maboroshi
・ Yoko Sugase
・ Yasuo Inoue Burger
・ Canadyl feel
・ Min. Yoshida + Ryota Ueda (Crescent Soup)
・ Maki Nomura

Location: Shinsaibashi CLUB STOMP
「Love Sofa ~ CLUB STOMP ~」 ※ OPEN 17: 00 ~ 23: 00

・ Beautiful girl corporation
・ Smile brossom
・ Carmela
・ B-BOY full of wounds

~ Ticket ~
Ticket Pia tel: 0570-02-9999
1 day ticket (P code 310-179) 3 day pass (P code 782-213)

Lawson Ticket tel: 0570-084-005
1 day pass & 3 day pass common (L code 52171)

Sansui @ TEL (06) 6243-3641
Club Jungle@tel.06-6282-1120

Live Schedule

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