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vv tl オレスカバンド - 花見+野フェス【HANAFES '17】 - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


花見+野フェス【HANAFES '17】 Performer details

Japanese girls ska rock band. His label is TERRY DOLLAR RECORD $. His office is Steezlab Music. Formed in May 2003. Made a major debut in 2006 and has expanded the range of activities not only in Japan but also overseas, such as tours in the United States and performances in Argentina and Brazil.




A 22-year-old female 6-member ska rock band from Sakai City, Osaka.
In 2003, in the spring of the third year of junior high school, classmates gathered to form an Oreska band.
Three horns of SAKI (tp), Moriko (ts) and Hayami (tb) in the three rhythms of squid (Vo & G), Tomi (B & Vo) and tae (Dr).

In July 2006, she made her major debut with her mini-album "I" on her last summer vacation in high school.

In March 2007, he appeared in the world's largest music trade show “SXSW (South by South West)” held in Austin, Texas, USA, and performed his first overseas concert. Following the release of the first full album “WAO !!” in May of the same year, the full album “ORESKABAND” was released nationwide in August.

In the summer of 2008, he performed for the first time in all 46 cities in the United States at WARPED TOUR 2008, the largest punk rock festival in the US In October of the same year, a mini-album “What a Wonderful World vol.1”, which was the first in Japan for about a year and a half, was released simultaneously with the WARPED TOUR live and documentary DVD “46 ORESKABAND -WARPED TOUR 2008-”. In November of the same year, a one-man tour “What a Wonderful World Tour 2008-2009” will be held in three cities in Tomei Osaka.

In April 2009, they released the second mini album “What a Wonderful World vol.2”, which is the final version of the two-release series, and a one-man tour “What a Wonderful World Tour 2009” across five cities nationwide. Distribution limited single “Jet Wave” released. In the summer of the same year, she appeared in many summer festivals in Japan such as ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2009, SUMMER SONIC 09, SET STOCK'09.

In February 2010, he started a tour of national pilgrimage events in 18 cities and 20 performances nationwide starting in Nagoya.
On April 28, the new single “Bicycle” was released. July 2 Osaka BIG CAT, 3rd Nagoya ell.FITS ALL, 11th Daikanyama UNIT 3 city one-man tour “ORESKABAND presents ei-ei-oh !!! TOUR’10”.
In the summer of 2010, she appeared in ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2010 and RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2010 in EZO.
On November 24, 2nd Full Album “COLOR” released for the first time in 3 and a half years.
Next year, from February 9, 2011, a live tour “COLOR collection 2011” will be held with 2nd Full Album “COLOR”.





花見+野フェス【HANAFES '17】
花見+野フェス【HANAFES '17】

花見+野フェス【HANAFES '17】

North Village's biggest music event [HANAFES] ◆ The fourth Hanafes will be held on April 8th and 9th.


Release date















Advance Sale



Tickets for today



Event Details

Okayama Farmers Market North Village
ADV: 4500 / DOOR: 5500
North Village's biggest music event [HANAFES]
◆ The fourth Hanafes will be held on April 8th and 9th.

Contents that increase in volume each time you repeat it, this time is also amazing ☆ Unbearable for those who love! Look forward to an unfriendly artist lineup! !
looking forward to! !

Place Special venue in the park
Date: April 8 (Saturday) & 9th (Sunday) * Held for 2 days ☆

Advance sale: 1day (both days) Adult 4,500 yen (Junior and senior high school students & seniors 2,500 yen)
2day 8,000 yen for adults, junior and senior high school students & senior 4,000 yen

On the day: 1day (both days) Adult 5,500 yen Junior high school student & senior 3,500 yen
2day advance sale only
≪ ※ Seniors must be 65 years of age or older. We will check your age at the time of admission >>
≪ ※ For elementary school students and younger, up to 2 children per parent are free.

[Ticket Play Guide] Released from February 9th ☆
Okayama Farmers Market Market North Village info
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◆ e Plus
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Contact us
TEL: 0868-38-1234 (North Village info)

An entertainment jazz band from Osaka that appears in “SUMMER SONIC” and also in the annual Fukuoka Live Beach Festival “Sunset Live.” Pops, jazz, samba, Latin, rock, and other genres are sometimes crossed to Osaka like time. Over 8 people group. In addition to high performance ability, the live performance full of entertainment unique to members of Kansai people is popular with the recent increase in repeaters. 7th album on April 20, 2016 Released "REAL KICKS" (BTCRecords). Rank 7th in the Oricon Indies Chart.

Oreska Band
[Oreska Band]
A girls band formed in 2003 in Sakai, Osaka and active mainly in live performances. The composition of 3Rhythms & 3Horns has been greatly influenced by The Specials and has been active based on SKA since its formation. Spread the style to the sound that incorporates various genres such as Rock steady / Soul / Jazz and liven the world. In November 2016, released the first full album “Slogan” for the first time in 6 years. , Active widely in Japan and overseas!

[Wonderful Boys]
That was really POP music! Based on the concept, seven high-sense border bands led by Sunday Kamide. In recent years, Sunday Kamide, who is also active as a songwriter, pianist and bassist in a genius band, sings and dances crazy with a hand microphone at Wonderful Boys. Music that makes influences such as reggae, hip-hop, and soul, and songs that only make the lyrics serious, always keeps stimulating something.

Formed in March 2016. Bizarre Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra, dissolved in April of the same year [Pepe Yasuda (ba) Iwai Long Seller (synth) Megumi Yasuka (pf) Tsuyoshi Hamada (per) Shiomi Tetsuo (gt) Doubu Nagayama (tp) Tommy (tb)] Instrumental band made by Oriken (ds) joined in June and Salina (Euph) joined in December. Music that is described as magical rock is output by converting jazz, rock, prog, electro, etc. into original dance music. 1st album “DE OMAS” released in December 2016! !

Authentic 8-person ska band, Vong Sign.
The style of taking three steps since the formation and taking two steps.
There is no money or sexual appeal. Let's kiss Regards.
Let's do the ska with vongsign!

[Bubble next generation]
Formed in 2011, composed mainly of members of the so-called ice age generation, the next generation of the FunkBand bubble generation in Kirishima City, Kagoshima. ... I want to be a small man at least. I want to stop a taxi with 10,000 bills! Such ill-communicating comrades gathered. The dream is to take a ten thousand bill bath.
Live mainly at Kokubu FUZZ ROCK HALL. Organized event "Bubbly Night" is also very popular! We also have expensive merchandise that can only be reached by the bubble generation!

An acoustic rock band with a focus on Osaka, mainly composed of tin whistle, clarinet, accordion, accordion / vocal, gut guitar, wood bass and drums. Irish, gypsy, celtic, kletzmer, flamenco, muset and other European traditional music We are developing world mixture music that mixes rock, latin, and other elements in the base. We are not tired of rock, etc., and we started to experience world music and experience the pleasantness of acoustics. Aiming at a new form of acoustic music in a progressive manner.

[MacArthur Aconci]
A rock band that keeps looping between the calm and passion of Osaka Underground!
Activities include FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and two overseas tours.
The secret is 100% DANCE!
The gorilla will also dance.
Let's go ! ! !

[Black Bottom Brass Band]
A brass band formed in Kansai in 1993 and based on the New Orleans style.
Its musicality is diverse, and by collaborating with various artists, it will diversify and evolve beyond genres.
Street performance became a hot topic, making a major debut in 1996.
Since then, he has released 21 albums.
The latest work is “Harmonize” (released in June 2015)
He traveled around the country on live tours and appeared in many outdoor festivals in Japan and overseas such as FUJI ROCK Fes and Taichung Jazz Fes.
WorkShop, which lets you feel the joy of music straight, is also well received in many places.
FUNKY GROOVE that makes the place a “festival” runs all over the world! *

[Nora Dog]
"Nora Dog" from Hiroshima
Naohiro Tabibu vo G / Junya Masanari G
Funky Hotta B / Dr. Mukai / Ryusaku G
Masumi sax
Participated in FESTAdeRAMA'10 and FESTAdeRAMA'11
Summer 2010 1st mini album "Hana to Guitar" released nationwide, 2000 sold out
The famous song Nagarekawa is also used in the movie “Koi no Radio”. (Appearance in Naohiro Tabuchi)
Currently working on the second album "Aina Haina"

My memories
[My memories]
The “existing only adventure rock” band in the Kyoto rock scene. Music regardless of genre is just an adventure! Once you listen to it, catch the heart of every person who listens with a catchy phrase that you will never forget.
After working in Kyoto and Nagoya Tokuzo One Man, in February 2014, they released their first album “Adventure!
The “Good Night Utopia” released in July 2016 jumped to the top of the Tawareko Weekly Chart.
Burn the camp of shock and laughter with five funny adventurers!

[Stoned Soul Picnic]
It combines the dynamics of live music and club music with a high degree of freedom in the style that a horn section, guitar, and keyboard ride on a track that has been sampled from old Easy Listening records. Although it is a technique that has become rare in recent years, it was still rare around the time of its formation in 2000, and Noh weather party music brought the dance floors in various places in line with the trend of big beats at that time. Although suspended from 2006, the sound of exquisite foolishness and light rhythm continues to boil between tea with the theme song and BGM of TV programs such as Fuji TV “Widena Show”. He has worked as an individual writer for TV commercials such as Fuji TV's “Nijiiro Gene” program theme song. Released digitally and resumed full-scale activities. In September of the same year, the cover of the theme song “Yoake Michi” of the masterpiece anime “Flanders Dog” was digitally released.
The album will be released this spring! ! Expectation that seriously asks forty years!

Formed in Osaka in 2001.
Eight members of the elite team (laughs) who have been heavily involved in the Kansai club scene.
Trying to play reggae, latin and jazz, but with a rhythm corps with a strong rock element, a unique pug27 sound is born. Twelve years after the formation of the band, I was only middle-aged, and now I am playing an active role mainly in Kansai with “a wonderful performance that combines heat with looseness” that only an uncle can give!

Osaka aunt idol with an average age of 63.5, formed in 2012. Based on the concept of “entangled idols”, it will rampage in politics around Osaka. Starting with the appearance on NTV “Monday to Night Funakashi”, the selection of members called “French Seven” is the main focus, and TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. are rapidly increasing! The indie debut song “Obachan no Theme” is being played 900,000 times on Youtube, and buzz on the Internet! ! ! In addition, it is an old idol who has been introduced in overseas media such as Spain, Peru, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and has attracted worldwide attention. In addition to singing and dancing, you can energize the world with social activities that take advantage of the characteristics of Obachan in Osaka, nostalgic and noisy, from contes, comics, chan-chan distribution and discounts to life consultations!

Live Schedule

Check the information on the event / live schedule which is scheduled to be held now!





【Movie Producer】
Copperpot Film