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kM X1 神戸モザイク - 神戸イタリアンフェス~食とワインの祭典~Location - MOHIKAN FAMILY'S


神戸イタリアンフェス~食とワインの祭典~ Venue details

umie MOSAIC is a complex commercial facility in Kobe Harborland, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo.




Opened on October 1, 1992 (Heisei 4) under the name “Kobe Mosaic” on the former warehouse of Mitsubishi Warehouse.
A three-layered building surrounded by the sea and canal, with shopping, restaurants, amusement facilities, etc.
It faces the waterfront of Kobe Port on the east side of Kobe Harborland.
From the wooden deck on the second floor, you can see the scenery around Meriken Park and Naka Jetty, such as the pleasure boat “Kobe Concerto” anchored on the Takahama quay and the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel on the opposite bank.



Famous Italian restaurants near Kansai, such as Sakuragumi (Ako), Ilgiottone (Kyoto), and Valencia (Kobe), gathered together under the theme of Italy, where diplomatic relations have begun almost like the opening of Kobe Port! Enjoy a glass of wine chosen by the sommelier for this day. Opera and canzone performances on stage. Enjoy two days filled with the charm of Italy!


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Italian restaurants near Kansai and shops for the first time at the event gathered at the Harborland Mosaic Takahama Quay, offering cheap wines selected by the sommelier for this day, spot sale of high-end wines, opera, canzone, large-scale An event where you can enjoy lunch and dinner while watching outdoor movies on the screen Kobe Italian Fes-Food and Wine Festival-9.30 (Sat) 10.1 (Sun) ♪

(Artist introduction)
Sister duo by Ayane Enomoto (cello) and Yuki Enomoto (violin). After graduating from Super Kids Orchestra, he graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts. A wide range of events, from classics to pop and rock.
Performed in Kyoto NHK “Kira no Kiraboshi”
Violin: Shion Enomoto (sister)
2012 SKO graduate
Began playing piano at the age of 3 and violin at the age of 8.
Joined Super Kids Orchestra with Hiroshi Sado in the second year of junior high school.
Appeared several times at untitled concerts as part of the Super Kids Orchestra. 2012 Performed in the Great East Japan Earthquake Requiem Concert in Paris, France Appeared in font_large font_bold "2013. Participated in the world-class violinist Maxim Vengerov's string music master class at the Minato Mirai Hall in Yokohama Participated in the Musique Alb Music Seminar in France 2014 Received 19th Kobe International Competition Excellence Award, Kobe City Board of Education Award, Gala Concert Appeared in Maxim Vengerov & Young Artist / Maxim Vengerov & Young Artist Guest Ivry Gitlis Gabriel Lipkin master class in Tokyo, Netherlands Received a special prize at the 17th Japan Performer Competition and appeared at Seiji Ozawa Music School in March 2017. So far he studied under Asai Sakino, Murase Riko and Toyoshima Yasushi.
Cello: Ayane Enomoto (sister)
Graduated from SKO in 2011
2008 Participated in the Super Kids Orchestra with Hiroshi Sado from the third year of junior high school and served as chief cello. 11th Izuminomori Junior Cello Competition High school student or higher. Ranked 3rd in the 65th All Japan Student Music Competition High School Student Category. The 66th All-Japan Student Competition University Student Category Winner. In September 2013, JT appeared in an afternoon concert by a music college student. In August 2014, he performed with Hiroshi Sado and Sienna Wind Orchestra. Appeared as a soloist in an untitled concert. 2016 Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, majoring in string music. So far, he studied under Takashi Yamagishi, Kazutaka Amada and Noboru Uemura.

(Artist introduction)
[Opera Andante]
“Opera Andante” was formed by four female opera singers who are members of the Kansai Nichikai opera studio.
The opera performances that have been held to date with top conductors, directors and male singers have been well received.
A vocal unit that is currently attracting the most attention and expectation in the Kansai region, with its gorgeousness and expressiveness as the weapon, aiming for a performance that reaches the heart.
A wide range of performances, not only full-scale opera performances, but also small halls, restaurants, events, etc. Active.
On this stage, two of the “Opera Andante” members, Aya Nakano and Emi Ito, appeared. And the piano will be sent by Chie Nakagawa.
~ Performance ~
① Santa Lucia
(2) From the opera “Princess”
③ Go back to Sorrento
④ Kissing
⑤ O Sole Mio
⑥ “My dear dad” from the opera “Gianni Schikki”
⑦Time to Say Goodbye
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(Artist introduction)
“Kimonoyan”, a Japanese-style unit based in Osaka, performing covers and originals from the Taisho to Showa Kayokyoku Western music!
This time, Canzone, conscious of European music, planning a performance, nostalgic
I'm looking forward to the performance of the combination.
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(Artist introduction)
World mixture music band that mixes elements of rock and Latin music based on European traditional music such as Mohican Family, Irish music, Loma music, Celtic music, Klezmer, Flamenco and Muset.
AZ.CATALPA (Vo. & Accordion)
JOE (Tin whistle)
Shoji Fujisawa (Accordion)
Keigo Matsunaga (Clarinet)
KEISUKE (Gut Guitar)
Akiyoshi Shibuya (WOOD BASS / Upright Bass)
KATSU (Drums)
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