Beer SQ ビア エスキューParticipant details:Räfven/レーヴェン

Gypsy punk band from Sweden, formed in 2003

Beer SQ ビア エスキュー


Sweden was formed on the streets of Gothenburg in 2003, RÄFVEN, an eight-person gypsy punk band that uses various instruments such as saxophone, trombone, accordion, violin and tumbler.
At the beginning of the formation, he was warned that he would play in the parking lot of a huge shopping mall, moved slowly and performed a slapstick tour of playing in another parking lot.
The sound of cheerful folk instruments and the explosive stage of madness by members, including those from the circus group, quickly spread by word of mouth, expanding the base of activities to pubs, clubs and festivals. It was.
Based on the belief that "I will play anywhere, anytime as long as there is red wine", move by pink van, park, private terrace, coast, circus venue, yacht, soccer field, moving train He continued to perform in various places other than live venues, such as train stations, wedding halls, forests, mountains, and so on.


Formed on the streets of Gothenburg.
April: First live at Göteborgs Arbetareteater.

David joined.

Year 2005
Rasmus joined.

Marcus, who was busy with meditation and canoe production in Bali, withdrew. Par joined.

March: Released first album “Live!”.

April: Released 2nd album "Next time we take your instruments!"
June: Appeared at Glastonbury Festival 2008. The SMASH UK staff who had visited the venue liked the live performance and used it as a chance to gain a foothold in Japan.

April (July in Japan): 3rd album “Välkommen till Räfvbygden” released.
July: First visit to Japan. Performed at Fuji Rock Festival '09. Starting with the red marquee of the eve of the festival, the first stage Orange Court / Naeba Shokudo, the second day Cafe de Paris / Gypsy Avalon, the third day Kidotei / Crystal Palace, 7 stages on the official stage, In addition, there were a few mini-lives at Oasis booths and out-of-field rock-rock shops, and a total of 11 stages were performed in 4 days. Although it started from zero name recognition, word-of-mouth spreads gradually, and the final Crystal Palace is prosperous enough to restrict entry. Established the highest number of live performances and album sales records for the festival. Sales records have not been broken until 2015 when they return again.

January: Return to Japan. Take a solo tour.

April: Participated in a charity concert “GÖTEBORG FOR JAPAN” hosted by a local Japanese student to raise funds for reconstruction assistance after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Tickets and album sales and audience donations amounted to 53,470 Swedish krona (approximately 710,000 yen), including the fundraising activities on the street, the total amount was 190,035 Swedish krona (approximately 2.25 million yen).
September (August in Japan): Return to Japan. Take a solo tour. Released 4th album “Svensk Kultur”.

April: Live to celebrate the 10th anniversary in local Gothenburg.

May (July in Japan): 5th album "Bring Back the Dinos" released.
July: Appeared at Fuji Rock Festival '15. In addition to the official five stages of Naeba Shokudo / Crystal Palace on the first day, White Stage on the second day, Cafe de Paris / Gypsy Avalon on the third day, guerrilla appearances at the booth in the oasis of the eve and J League Naeba Participated in all 4 days, including a surprise appearance in the branch.
October: Return to Japan. Take a solo tour. Also appeared in Asagiri JAM the day after next.
December: Participated in the Musikhjälpen charity event in Sweden every week before Christmas. Challenge the Guinness world record of “live in more than 11 cities within 24 hours” as a means of fundraising.
Going north from Linköping with a special venue, going west from there, returning to the east via Gothenburg and Kungsbacka, crossing Jönköping and arriving at Linköping again, the 10 best cities ever recorded Updated to 12 cities.
The total amount of 42,646 Swedish krona (about 610,000 yen) collected will be used to support the reconstruction of climate disasters.




Beer SQ ビア エスキュー



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Beer SQ ビア エスキュー

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