HANAFES ’15 north.village!!

HANAFES ’15 north.village!!

HANAFES ’15 north.village!!

HANAFES ’15 north.village!!


Date and time










岡山県勝田郡勝央町1100番地, 709-4311



¥ 3,000



¥ 3,500


Event Details

Okayama Farmers' Market North Village
OPEN: 9: 00 / START: -
ADV: 3000 / DOOR: 3500
I'm sorry, "Hanami + Festival + Activities full ☆"
Hanafesu Yuru raku 2, 2 Days! It is!

Kitaokayama gets hot on April 11 (SAT) and 12 (SUN) \ (^ o ^) /
In addition to the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom in the garden, that shop and the topic of the shop opening with this store are slurry ☆ Game corner and stage show too! It is! Camp in is also OK! It is!

further! It is! It is!
Waiting, on Saturday night on the 11th, special outdoor live \ (^ o ^) /! It is! It is!
"Starring artists"
♠ ︎ drowned shrimp death certificate report
♠ ︎ Carmela
♠ ︎ psybava
♠ ︎ The Tako san
♠ ︎ zukunashi
♠ ︎ pug 27
And more ...

Amazing, this Menzu · · ·
Is not this the main? I know you come ☆ LOL

There may not be such a lot of artists in Kitaokayama ...
It is in the midst of self-praising \ (^ o ^) /
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------
※ SP live (after 17:00 Saturday) entrance fee is required! It is!
Advance sale 3,000 yen 3,500 yen on the day (free of charge below junior high school students)
Ticket purchase is North Village info TEL 0688 - 38 - 1234
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------

Casting artist's details, UP at any time ☆
UP ☆ list of shop sellers from time to time
Timetable and anything and UP at any time ☆

That means ...
Yes, if you do not check it properly you will be delayed.
I did not know, I wanted to go, but I do not know! Lol

************************************************** *************
◎ Hanafesu shop wants recruitment ◎
We are looking for someone who wants to open a store in Hanah faith. Please let me know that "Hanafesu store opening hope" to [Okayama Farmers · Market North Village] so we will inform you directly about the store opening conditions and others.
(11th day only, 12th day, both day both) OK all ☆
※ Please be forewarned that there will be a review as it opens.
************************************************** *************
◇ Cast Recruitment ◇
We are looking for stage performers of the day during the day. Band, playing, magic, performance, dance, please contact us ☆
Benefits awarded to those who are excited! It is! Please also say "I'd like to appear" also.
※ Please note that we will review the same with the appearance.
************************************************** *************


Performer details

no image

A drowned shrimp death report

Formed in Kyoto in 2001 by Yamamoto - Kei (Yamamoto Yoshi) 'Drowned shrimp! Wowa'
Music performance unit composed of the selected members from time to time

All members, wearing an elaborate shrimp mask and developing a unique live performance

Lived = ritual celebrating rapture, it shows the aspect of the festival by the tribe with masks

Expression means range from dance such as funk, techno, electronica, song using club system to heavy orchestration

Not only songs but also trademark shrimp masks, some instruments, costumes etc are also produced / announced as works

In 2016, at the milestone of the 15th anniversary of the formation, the same year June 3rd album Bukubuku Pi! Bokubuku Pet! Bukubukupapppo!Change from Drowned Shrimp Census Death Report to Drowned Shrimp!

Recently appeared in many local music festivals and TV programs

A drowned shrimp death report

no image


SUMMER SONIC appeared to and from Fukuoka large beach festival Sunset Live also from Osaka Entertainment jazz band
which has appeared every year
8 people crossover to Osaka like, sometimes fun, sometimes funny, all genres such as pop, jazz, samba, latin, rock

In addition to the high performance, all members are made up of Kansai people unique live performa full of entertainment feeling, the increase in repeaters in recent years is popular

Live killer tune Dog, she ran away
-ver. 2.0 - was appointed as a television commercial song of h.ear × WALKMAN (R) (Sony marketing Co., Ltd.), Japan's best jazz club in March 2016,
BLUE NOTE TOKYO holds one-man live unusual selection as

Released 7th Album REAL KICKS (B.T.C. Records) on April 20th same year
Oricon Indies chart first appearance Ranked in 7th place

Start full-scale live activity in 2007

From 2009 DJ Dr. Tatsuo Suganaga's regular event World Standard appointed to regular members and appeared on

Released 1st album Hello !! World Wide in May 2010

In February 2011, the 7-inch analog record Everybody Loves My Baby feat. Maki Rika released featuring Maki Rinhana sold out on the same day and won first prize in JET SET's Daily and Weekly rankings

June, SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS will be selected as an artist picking up at the Tour Final Ebisu LIQUIDROOM show

July, 2nd album KNACK IS THE KETCHUP released

In February 2012, the 7 inch analog record Choo Choo Ch' Boogie feat. Akiko featuring the JAZZ singer akiko won the 1st place for both Daily & Weekly in the ranking of JET SET

In the same month, released the 3rd album Mix MODERN COVERS! For the first all-track cover

Make its launch memorial one-man live at Osaka BIG CAT and make it successful with overcrowding
In March, the compilation CD JPJZ-Beautiful selected by SHACHO selected by the president of SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS will contain Carmela's song A Night In Tunisia

August, 4th album Senjimae HIGH COLORS released

Sennichima HIGH COLORS tour held at more than 10 locations nationwide

One-man live entitled Osaka Graduation Ceremony held on Osaka BIG CAT on March 15, 2013

Moving the activity base to Tokyo to fully advance to the whole country from April

June 19 Release Warner Music Japan Japan's first album HANZOMON LINE released

ITunes Jazz Chart 6th, Tawareko All Store J-POP Album Chart 10th

August First appearance at SUMMER SONIC 2013

In the same month, a member (Tb) appeared on a new project Alta in Chiba (Laughing Meita!)

Challenge the program's first live Chonmage and Kamera's name will be nationwide at once.

THE MAN x Carmela Club Circuit Tour 2013 held from October received from Mr. Ryuyuki cold Muta (ex Sko Paradise Orchestra)

6th album 「Golden Variety」 (Warner Music · Japan) released on February 26, 2014

Carmela's Variety Tour at Golden held in 16 locations nationwide

From the same year I am responsible for music production of TV West Japan Goripara viewing history

March, collaboration with SOFFet's 19th anniversary live @ Billboard Live OSAKA

June appointed as the first artist of PE'Z 's new club event' PE'Z flame '
January 2015 holding a 2 man tour with Japan's leading New Orleans style brass band BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND

In March, a one-man live celebrating the 8th anniversary of full-scale activities Namba Gingin Operation - Carmela's 8th Hat Year Anniversary! All-Members Collection was held at Osaka · Namba Hatch and the number of mobilization exceeding 1,200 people was recorded

From popular fortune-teller Getter's Iida, he continued being introduced as now the most lucky artist, he also appeared in music live Getters Iida presents POWER SPOT sponsored by him

June Joined Urban Entertainment Festival YATSUI FESTIVAL! For 2 consecutive years

September SUNET LIVE 2015 will be the fifth consecutive year -
A live killer tune to the TV commercial song of h.ear × WALKMAN (R) (Sony Marketing Co., Ltd.) Dog, ran away from October-ver. 2.0 - will be appointed

As a delivery limited single on December 2nd Dog, ran away
-ver. 2.0 - Released

ITunes Jazz Chart · Ranking 1st in the single rankings for 2 consecutive weeks

CALMERA'S WORLD TOUR 2016 held in 15 locations nationwide since January 2016

In March at Japan's best jazz club BLUE NOTE TOKYO, held a one-man live to be unusual appointed a young,
a successful in the full house
7th album REAL KICKS (B.T.C. Records) released on April 20

Oricon Indies chart first appearance Ranked in 7th place

In April, an offer from Mr. Yoshimura of composition and arranger, Nishizaki Goushi legend (agitator), PAKshin (Key) is involved in the co-production of the drama accompaniment of Doctor Research Group - Exposing the Darkness of Medical Accidents. >
Also Tsujimoto (Sax) is in charge of saxophonist of the same main theme

In recent years, the performance and arranging ability has been evaluated and there are also a large number of requests for backbone / support from various artists such as SOFFet, Circus, Kiyayama Shop, Ohnishi Yukari, Monoblight, THE Inazuma Sentai, Tsuru, Negicco, MICO. >


no image


Formed in Kawanishi (Hyogo) in 2005
Repeated members and changes a number of times, now Ba. Sumida Tomoyoshi / Gt. Gorgos / Dr. Seiya Goodvibes / Key. Ken.ak / Tp. Shinonotani Choregy is active with five people 
Omni-directional instrumental parties · bands that can go side-by-side
On April 8, 2015, we released the long-awaited first national distribution sound source JAPAN from SYNC !!


no image

The Tako

Formed in Osaka in 1993 -Godfather band with absolute charisma and prominence in the Kansai soul scene
Place it on a grooved grove of soul · blues · funk, and the style which sad monster Ando Hirohata Hiro (vocals) sing a unique world view is told as one and only existence

Among them, the overwhelming staging that conforms to Soulmann that four people will unfold is a must -
One time is a manto show, one time a bloodshed from the forehead, and one time mackerel (mackerel) dances the stage (!?)

Such a live show was also shown at the Fuji Rock Festival (04 · 06 · 09) and became a great success that clapping does not stop ringing, even after responding to the 3rd encore, the performance stop enters

Four albums, two 7 inch singles and two documentary videos released so far
Became a current member from 2011, when we celebrated the 18th year of formation, showing the performance not knowing ceiling while incorporating new musicality

Vocal: Hiroshi Ando Hiroshi Ando
Guitar: Shinji Yamaguchi
Base: Okauchi potato
Drum: Masa ☆ Yoshinaga

The Tako

no image


Zukunashi - zukunasi -
Vocal.Guitar Kumi (emi)
Bass, Chorus spicy-marico
Drums, Chorus Akane (akane)

Resonates with Black music and has dynamic and energy and sound in the 60's and 70's

At this time the stage with rare glittering costumes is masterpiece

Sing and dance people's heart with real grooves and stunning chorus work
From formation in 2002 to now, we have been involved in the vortex of excitement, laughter and enthusiasm during the venue

EARTHDAY TOKYO, Natural High, shita, Moriwa, Kiso beat, Full moon festival,
Appear on numerous outdoor festivals such as

In March 2011, participate in a tour of 10 performances in 7 cities in the United States including SXSW

Japanese songs filled with full of thought in the United States immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake crosses the borders
A storm of admiration and praise gathers in every place and calls great reactions

WE SING ONE VOICE which was completed after returning home and continued singing in Japan,
From the self-operated label ZUKU 74 RECORDS Fall 2012 Fall announced in Single CD and EP


no image


Formed in Osaka in 2001

Members of the 8 members who have been involved in the Kansai club scene greatly (laugh)
I tried to play reggae, latin, jazz, but unexpectedly a rhythm with a strong rock-like element creates a unique pug 27 sound
16 years since the band was formed, the age of mid-career has gone past long ago and is playing an active part in the Kansai region, a wonderful performance with unequaledness and enthusiasm together which can only be given to an old man.


Formed in mid-2001, centered on Koizumi of Tri-tones (Sax.)
 At the beginning of formation, they also organized the six members of Toto (Tp.) Hattori (Tb.) Of Tri Tones, former exorcipine Goto (B), former folk tales Arraki (Dr.), Argyle worth (key.) It wasFirst live at the end of the year


Hot · Hip · Trampoline · School's Outback (Per.) Who saw the first live at the end of the previous year joins
7 people will be organized

Record back track of Lina (now LinaLina) 1st album 'getta' (Beams Records) in spring
Produced by Little Tempo Haruno Takahiro
LinaLina and then playing with each other's albums, holding the stage together, exchanges will continue even now

Co-started with Egolappin at Nakanoshima Central Public Hall in November

September, 1st album Big bird (Peace Records) released

July appeared at an outdoor event Soranonegai at Tokorozawa City Aerial Memorial Park
 Bang vs Wackwac rhythm band and this day became the final stage Dettationsations

July, 2nd album WORLD SAFARI released (Utsboro Records)
 In the same month, voluntary box office event BIRD WATCHING 01 held at club NOON
Van is Million Bamboo, Golden Loafers

July, BIRD WATCHING 02 held
Ban is the same as last time Million Bamboo, Golden Loafers

April, held joint event event Osaka Nice Middle 01 with Rustic Pants at Shangri-La
Van is Rustic Pants, Minnimu

June, BIRD WATCHING 03 held
Baan is The Tako, Broccoli Brothers

October, Osaka Nice Middle 02 held
Baan is a halo! , Inouratrapter, LinaLina

 May dedicate album release memorial one man live at Shangri-La
 July, BIRD WATCHING 04 held
Bouncing vans BOWLING No. 9, Golden Loafers
 August, released Billy Joel's Swingin cover Just The Way You Are from ACQUA PAZZA as a 7 inch analog board (Orange Records), a storm acclaimed from each direction
 September, Just The Way You Are is recorded and released on MIX CD NEO CLASSICS 2 (Avex) supervised by Kubotatake Kishi Co-star with Kenji jammer, Toshio Nakanishi at Kyoto Metro in the same month
 October, 'Osaka Nice Middle 03' held
Van is Rustic Pants
 December, guest appeared on Kubotatakezi MIX CD launch memorial event
 From the release date of the album, we will have 8 members by welcoming Argyle's Wiseman (Per.) As a formal member
 (The exact time is unknown)

April Osaka Nice Middle 04 held
Van is Rustic Pants, The Tako
 July, jointly organized event PUKIMA! Vol.1 with former love tambourines eli vocalist Puki Revo held at Koryo bridge Detilu
 September BIRD WATCHING 05 held
Bang is Three Seven, Money Spider
 In the same month, 'GREENROOM LIVE' 09 'appeared
Bang is Black Bottom Brass Band, Mush Kamayatsu, bonobos Other
 December Osaka Nice Middle 05 held
Van is Golden Loafers, HOT HIP Tiger MPOLINE SCHOOL, Minnimumu

July, 4th album 'STINK BUGS' released
Mr. Yamaguchi Shinji (Guitar: The Tako-san), Aunen · Sushi (MC), MAX DOI (Percussion: Rustic Pants), Nakao Taka (Baritone saxophone: Tri Tones), YUKA SHINDO (MC) Join me Bird Watching 06 as a memorial for album release in the same month
Van is Rojo Regalo, MacArthur Conch Co.DJ: Mayumi Chiaki and others
 In the same month, Festa de lama 10 appeared
 September - November, album release tour
Kyoto, Nagoya, Okayama, Kobe etc. Performed at 7 venues
 October Osaka Nice Middle 06 held
Vans are Rustic Pants, FOLIKAN, ICCHIE (ex. Detaminations)
 BEAUTY & THE BEAST 01 held in Shinsaibashi BAR MUSZE in December
Co-star Tomoe Ura emergency appearance for The Tako for sudden illness

March, in response to the Great East Japan Earthquake, Ai and Makoto 02 @ Umeda NOON urgent cast appeared in a suddenly shifted to a charity event
Ban is CHARA, EGO WRAPPIN ', Takatsu Yoshiyuki, TYCOON TO $ H & GOTA, Watanabe Toshimi (TOKYO No. 1 SOUL SET), ANI (SDP), RISE FROM THE DEAD, Rhyming Association, Rokugawa Boys et al. >
May, collaborate with Rasutikkupansu Tasuku Maru Nippon on the East Japan great earthquake charity event at Umeda NOON
As a proponent, Kazumi Nikaido, Oni (ex. Akari Ranpo), Chunky Matsumoto join

As a band anniversary celebration plan, we hold voluntary planning events every month for 3 months from October to December
Osaka Nice Middle 07 held in Umeda Shangri-La in October
 Band vs Bandaribre
THE PARTY held in Yodoyabashi Shibakawa Building in November
Vans are ego-wrappin '(acoustic unit), mama! Milk, Raku Sakamoto (Rustic pans)
BIRD WATCHING 07 held in Umeda NOON held in December
Vans are Rojo Regalo, Seiichi Yamamura's Grand Rustic



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