Maboroshi live stage fifth stage! Fierce Festa of the world 2017 ~ Japanese celebration ~

Lotus style Kazuhara Tetsuya ex the blue harts Atsushi Saeki

蓮風 梶原哲也exザ ブルーハーツ 佐伯篤宜
蓮風 梶原哲也exザ ブルーハーツ 佐伯篤宜
蓮風 梶原哲也exザ ブルーハーツ 佐伯篤宜

Lotus style Kazuhara Tetsuya ex the blue harts Atsushi Saeki

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Lotus style Kazuhara Tetsuya ex the blue harts Atsushi Saeki
It gives bustle to the festival of Inogo
Inogo ni Taiko player Taiko player Saeki Atsushi will show you overnight maboroshi at the special unit with Lotus Wind Kajiwara Tetsuya, a bustling Festa 2017 - Japanese celebration! !
※ Because there is a limit in this venue parking lot, please come by public transportation

Artist PROF
Lotus style RENPU: Japanese drums Tsugaru shamisen shinobis
Keeping in mind, using Japanese traditional musical instruments such as Wadaiko, Tsugaru Shamisen, and Shinobue, as the wind breezes as it is established Launched from street performances in 2003
We have formed a Japanese music unit Lotus Wind RENPU
Two men, Murashita (Murashita) and Tomoka (Tomoka), were formed as the main members, starting full-fledged professional activities since 2009
Many musical instruments to deal with in a small number -Working in Japan all over Osaka based

Kajiwara Tetsuya: Drum
'95 Act as drummer of THE BLUE HEARTS
After dissolution I played around the world, now active at THUNDERBEAT
Banging the drum with power full open, telling the vibrations of explosive life energy
Recently, actively doing activities to share music fun with more people while freely striking percussion instruments with large numbers of salsa gum tapes and free-school music courses

Saeki Atsunoku: Japanese drums
When I was a high school student, I was impressed by Eisa who saw it on Okinawa trip and started Japanese drums in local Kono City
During college, Professional Japanese drum performer Kanagawa Masanobu studied under Mr.Master teacher's solo concert and memorial ceremony at Macau in Hong Kong
Accompanied by a performance -Beginning full-scale solo activities since 2011, with guidance to elementary schools and taiko teams and active in a wide range based in local Kotono City



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