Hanami + field festival 【HANAFES '17】 Appearance schedule

Authentic eight-person ska band, Vongguin







Appearance schedule

Formed in 2004

Cheetah style that it goes two steps after forming three steps since it was formed
Everyday feelings daily for various things as well as music

Ranpaku of eight people at the moment

Money and sex appreciation
It's a toast to your backstage

Let's kiss ho ho ho ho yoruVoice sign of a strange thing before a small number
Please do not hesitate,Let's do the ska with vongsign!


Street address




¥ 4,500



¥ 5,500


Event Details

Okayama Farmers' Market North Village
OPEN: - / START: -
ADV: 4500 / DOOR: 5500
North Village's biggest music event 【HANAFES】
◆ Hanafesu will be held for the 4th time this April 8th and 9th ☆ ☆

Contents to increase volume every time you repeat times, this time is also quite amazing ☆ I love being a favorite person! Look forward to the inexhaustible artist lineup! It is!
Looking forward to to! It is!

Location Special venue in the park
Date and time April 8 (Saturday) & 9 (Sunday) * held for 2 days ☆

Advance sale: 1 day (both days) Adult 4, 500 yen Junior High School & Senior 2,500 yen
2day Adult 8,000 yen Troubles & Seniors 4,000 yen

Today: 1 day (both days) Adult 5,500 yen Junior High School & Senior 3,500 yen
It will be treated as 2 days advance sales only
«※ Seniors are 65 years old and over. We will check your age at the entrance»
«Elementary school students and under are free for up to 2 people per guardian.

[Ticket Play Guide] released on February 9 ☆
Okayama Farmers' Market Market North Village info

◆ e Plus
TEL: 0868 - 38 - 1234 (North village info)

Entertainment jazz band from Osaka that appeared to "SUMMER SONIC" and the Fukuoka large beach festival "Sunset Live" every year.You can enjoy all genres such as pops, jazz, samba, latin, rock and sometimes at Osaka-like time In addition April 20, 2016 7th album "REAL KICKS" (BTCRecords) released (BTCRecords) released The membership of the Kansai people is popular as well as the members in the increase in repeaters Oricon Indie Chart first appearance Ranked in 7th place.

Oreska band
【Oreska Band】
Girls band formed in Osaka · Sakai in 2003 and active main in live. Through the composition of 3 Rhythms & 3 Horns, it was greatly influenced by The Specials and was active with SKA as the foundation from the beginning, but as we continue our activities , We will treat two tones as more spiritual and add Ska to Rock / Funk / Reggae / Rock steady / Soul / Jazz, etc. We released the full album "Slogan" for the first time in 6 years, in November 2016. With a Motto "Happy Survive!", Active overseas in domestic and overseas!

【Wonderful Boys】
What was serious POP music! On the concept vocal, Sunday 7 people high-sense border Band led by the Camid. In recent years, Sunday Kamid who also works as a song writing, pianist, bass player in genius band sings with hand microphone and Goes dancing at Wonderful Boys. Songs that do not make lyrics only with music that feels the influence of reggae, hip hop, soul, etc. are always stimulating something of someone's something.

Formed in March 2016. From the weird Taito travel swing band dissolved in April of the same year 【Peper Yasuda (ba) Iwai long seller (synth) Masaya Sayuki (pf) Hamada Takeshi (per) Shioitetsuo (gt) Nagayama Mimaru (tp) Tommy (tb)] Instrument band made by. Orchen (ds) in June and Salina (Euph) in December. Musical songs that are to be magical rock convert jazz, rock, progres, electro, etc to their own dance music and output It. The first album "DE OMAS" released in December 2016! It is!

Authentic eight people 's scandal, Vonggang.
A style that goes two steps since it was formed and it steps three steps.
Let's kiss Ho ho ho, a vongin sign up in front of a small one. Nice to meet you. It is a toast to lunch and relaxation with money and sex appreciation.
Let's do the ska with vongsign!

【Bubble Next Generation】
Formed in 2011 Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima prefecture FunkBand The next generation of the generation of bubble generation, mainly composed of members of the so-called ice-aged generation, or the bubble will come again ... "I can break into my dreams and get Such a big dreams and get struck by my dreams "It's not a big rich · · · I want to be at least a little rich, I want to stop a taxi with 10,000 bill! Such doubtful comrades gathered .The dream is to take a bath of all time.
Mainly live at Kokubu FUZZ ROCK HALL.The event organized "Bubbly Night" is also very popular! We are also preparing expensive merchandises that can not reach us unless it is a bubble generation!

Acoustic rock bands active major in Osaka, organized by Tin Whistle, Clarinet, Accordion, Accordion / Vocal, Gut Guitar, Wood Bass, Drums Organization.Your Europe Trad Music such as Irish, Gypsy, Celtic, Clementum, Flamenco, Musette etc It Developing World Mixture music mixed rock, latin, and other other elements in the base.It is bored with rock etc., hands out to world music and experiencing the feeling of acoustic feeling.Then this is the experimental fusion While trying, I will aim For the way of new acoustic music now in progressive form.

【MacArthur Accord】
Rock band keeps l



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【Movie Producer】
Copperpot Film