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The Birthday | Appearance schedule | MOHIKAN FAMILY'S Official Website

The Birthday

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Appearance schedule

Rock band formed in 2006, mainly composed by Michelle Gun Elephant's Chiba Yusuke (vo, g)

The Birthday
The Birthday





Appearance schedule

Vocal & Guitar: Chiba Yusuke (7.10)
Guitar: Fuji Kenji (3.08)
Bass: Hiraiharuki (6.20)
Drums: Kuhara Kazuyuki (4.03)

While centering on the genres that are dominated by garage rock and blues rock like the one handed down from THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT and ROSSO, ballad-like songs also increased, and music like THE E MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT and ROSSO Fierceness is showing a slight decline
All lyrics are in charge of Ciba, composition is given by the entire members

In September 2005, Chiba Yusuke (Vo & G) was invited to invite Imai Akinobu (G), Kuhara Kazuyuki (Dr), Hiraiharuki (Ba) as the center

Next year debut in 1st single stupid in August 2006
Continue to release the first album Rollers Romantics in autumn the same year

2nd Album TEAR DROP announced in 2007
Perform the first Nippon Budokan performance in January 2008

Then, they released a seven-song album MOTEL RADIO SiXTY SiX, the second day of WHITE STAGE to FUJIROCK FESTIVAL'08 will be the first as The Birthday,
GREEN STAGE on the 3rd day and achievement feat of the stage of the miracle 2 stage appearance
RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2008 which celebrates the 10th year will be the first in RSR history
I worked on the stage over 2 hours
Released the third album NIGHT ON FOOL of the same year

We finished the tour 38 NIGHT ON FOOL around 38 places nationwide in the spring of 2009 and will start making the 4th album

Release the 4th album 'STAR BLOWS' in February 2010 and go around 'STAR BLOWS TOUR' of 40 performances nationwide

After the same tour August 6 ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL '10 stage finally Imai Aquinove leaves

After that, we will have a guitarist Fuji Kenji and will enter the fifth album production from December

In April 2011 we released the new single Why not today, in June of the same year we released 5th Album I'M JUST A DOG
Overwhelming live performance at I 'M JUST A DOG TOUR becomes a legend

We will release the long-awaited New Album VISION in July 2012 and will perform the second Nippon Budokan performance in December

Released the DVD & Blu-ray RAISE YOUR BLACK FLAG that included the Budokan LIVE in May 2013, released the new single LEMON for the first time in a year and a half in December

April 2014, the first release of 2014 released the 14th single Damn of the world
May release 7th new album COME TOGETHER

In 2015, which is the 10th anniversary of the formation, we released single I KNOW MOTHER for the second month in May and June, released the first best album GOLD TRASH in September

Succeeded the Nippon Budokan performance for the third time in the same month and release the 8th Album BLOOD AND LOVE CIRCUS the following month
Activated vigorously

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