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THE TOMBOYS | Appearance schedule | MOHIKAN FAMILY'S Official Website


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Appearance schedule

Girls band based in Kansai · THE TOMBOYS






Appearance schedule

A girls quartet band gathers under the motto to keep standing on the stage without forgetting the heartbeat that is always exciting to see something hot!


A copy band NoName of a combination of a different color and a combination of SCANDAL and 3rd grade of junior high school, then 50 revolutions, 2011 was formed.The following year I finally participated in a copy contest organized by SCANDAL
Drum on winning RINA awards
(お お た げ ~)

Let's go to language study abroad for a year after a spectacular stage (* Members have successfully increased the total weight of 40 kg)

Right after returning home in 2013 I immediately resumed the band and diet, I started making original and in November when I became a senior high school November, I make a wishful CD and make a recall
In the winter of the year, SCANDAL copy band contest final decision will be made again, standing on the stage of Shibuya AX
Judge special award in band, Tabatahina received HARUNA award

Great feeling at Kobe VARIT. In 2014, apple Saito and happy Hercules, Mr. Droog, Katayama Breakers etc. O.A

It will be the first Tokyo live to be invited to participate in the plan of THE SNEEZE in May of high school
I am afraid of appearance, but I greatly appreciate heart-full seniors

Next month June, the first project at Takatsuki Raspberry, holding NEVER FORGET KINDNESS vol1
Invite guests to Lovers' and Gabbers, THE ADAM'S APPLES & BOB, NEVERSTAND
Last August at the event of THE ADAM'S APPLES & BOB, she became a student at Shinjuku Marble and stopped working again for a while

In 2015, Oasis decided at Shinjuku Marble to Adams Tour Final once more in resurrection
In April, we decided O.A at The 50 Rotations and Yellow Studs' Tsuman who I admire at Kobe VARIT.

Further miracles happened, O.A decision of ROCK'N'ROLL GENERATION at Shimokitazawa SHELTER sponsored event at The 50 Rotz, the cast is of course the 50 Rotations, Tekumakuma Young! (※ Indeed unfortunately, there is almost no memory left by tension.)

And in August 2015, release of the 1st mini album, even on the store only for Tawareko CD distribution, the first nationwide tour never go on a tour

Holding up my heart to warm encounters in various places October Kobe VARIT. Tour Final, forget Motels, THE Dakishimazu, Slimcat, Kotonomi Tomita (ex the Adams) and other voluntary projects NEVER FORGET KINDNESS VOL 2 held ! Great appreciation for the success!

March 22, 2016 Finish NoName activities and be born again into THE TOMBOYS

Renamed early, four people gathered, Britain passed to London, recording producer with Glen Matlock (original member of Sex Pistles) as a producer

In addition, we welcome Glen Matlock to Secret Guest at PIPELINE, decide for the first overseas live

2nd mini album 'COME BACK TO 19' released on national village vanguard on August 10, 2016
Members of all 50 members of the cute jacket of THE 50 revolutions' dolly design become merry mello

August 16, 2016 Go to the tour after ORESKABAND, sake on the empty stomach, with Over The Dogs and eat locally-produced goods

(※ schedule of live day: breakfast → lunch → rehearsal → tea → dinner → live → late night meal)

Appeared in Akita Haikofes on September 22, 2016
The heart of Akita's people's enthusiasm

November 2016 2nd Welcome
After live at London, starring in HYPER JAPAN for 3 days
It's a great success

On December 20, 2016, voluntarily organized the final performance of the tour for about 4 months, THE TOMBOYS PRESENTS. NEVER FORGET KINDNESS VOL.3 COMEBACK TO 19 RELEASE TOUR FINAL The BOYS & GIRLS and Kawachi REDS that I met on a tour and greeted me with a lovey day

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