Uzugushima LIVE 2017 Appearance schedule

A nine-person ska band formed in 1998, mainly of Yoshida Takashi (vo) In 2002, she played a live activity based in the Kansai area, and in 2002 she accompanied the 2 tone ska grandfather, Specials' Japan tour, and succeeded in the UK tour with BAD MANNERS, including 2 tone ska bands representing Japan Growth to






Appearance schedule

Eating the nightclub with a unique sensibility based on Ska Music and a wide range of musicality and scattering it, soon will reveal its heads from the Osaka underground scene

The DOBERMAN party was unfolded all over the world, the overwhelming live performance of keeping the pupil open continues to release a large amount of dopamine's dopamine

Current progressive songs attracted attention from abroad, also played a collaboration with Specials, Bad Manners, Busters and other Ska Legend etc

The stage is open to the world and has appeared in large-scale festivals in Europe, such as Europe tours, energetically pioneering active places, and domestically appeared in large festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Arabaki Rock Festival, Fukuoka Sunset Live and so on. >

Over 15 years of age, seeking new values ​​and keep running even without fear of change still
Activities mainly in Osaka, two mini albums and six albums are released by February 2013, and live activities are vigorously performed regardless of domestic and overseas


Yasuhiro Oyama / Drums
Yoshifumi Kishikawa / Bass
Yusuke / Guitar
Takuya Hirai / Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Hara Kenji / Piano, Organ, Accordion, Pianica
Goe / Trumpet
Swe / Trombone
Takashi Yoshida / vocal, lyric


Street address




¥ 3,000



¥ 3,500


Event Details

Uzugushima LIVE
2017.11.11 【Sat】

· THE ZOOT 16 (Toshimi Watanabe band)
· Scott Murphy

And more ~ ​​

· U-ichi (LONDON NITE)

@ Fukushima ken Fukushima-shi Osasu-zu character Hane Tsutomu 16
(Higuchi's Special Stage of Gyoza)

Opening hours 9: 30 ~
※ rain scheduling done

● General Advance Tickets ¥ 3000
● General Tickets ¥ 3500

● Tutorial for junior high and high school students (advance sale, together on the day) ¥ 1000

※ Junior high / high school student tickets will be required to present ID card at the entrance of the day● Fukushima local discount ticket ¥ 2500
(Taguchi no Hiki, undiscovered shop front only with limited quantity on sale)

※ Elementary school student and under, free of charge over 60 years

⚫︎ Advance ticket release date August 25 12 o'clock
Start selling from Epuras

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