Katzenjammer – A Bar in Amsterdam (Official music video by Lasse Gjertsen)

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Katzenjammer - A Bar in Amsterdam (Official music video by Lasse Gjertsen)


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さんが 2009/12/15 にアップロード

The official music video of the song "A Bar in Amsterdam" by the Norwegian band Katzenjammer.

Most of the video is digital 2D cut out animation with a tad of traditional hand drawn animation. Everything is patched together using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. All drawings and animations are made by me.. Yes, even the little skipping bushes :p

Thank you to my sister Maria who stepped in as "Mary" in the second drawn b&w sequence.

Thanks to my father Jørn Einar and his girlfriend Siren for letting me live and work at their place, and for being a great test-audience :)

Special thank you to my wonderful girlfriend Ragnhild who helped me so much by inspiring and encouraging me. Jeg elsker deg!

Also thank you Katzenjammer for making such a fun song to create moving images to :)





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  • espero oirlas pronto en vivo.... aunque me cueste cruzar el Oceano Atlantico nadando o en el peor de los casos vender mi carro.

  • das rockt^^


  • norske folk

    tysk band navn

    engelsk tekst

    hvorfor ikke?

  • @schpongleded damn, I just like songs for their song, not for their meaning. You must have listened several times to this song to really understand the lyrics to make such a detailed critique.

  • Cracked out Ms. Frizzle in the beginning!!!

  • wtf, the song makes no sense, hence the video is cute in a lasse way, but is an inferior product to those that were completely his. Hence so little views. He was forced into this. This must have been a product of emotional manipulation, as it has no consistency or content for that matter, and lasse always has consistency. There are points to his videos. This video is pointless. As are the lyrics of the song. This is how people limit each other with the illusion of "love".

  • Why does this only have 387,276 views?!?!? Am I the only one watching this? The song, video and band are brilliant!

  • Brilliant animation Lasse! You're the greatest. Song is equally good. What a great match.

  • Love the variety of Depth of field  :)

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