Progressive nu jazz band consisting of Vo. Pf. Gt. Ba. Dr. formed in 2007

Appearance in THE GREEN ROOM FESTIVAL, FESTA de RAMA of the outdoor festival after being formed in a year and before release as a magazine and radio

That momentous live performance excites the floor and receives various admiration for domestic and foreign artists

In the live sessions with sitar, MC, dancer etc. We are session-rich guests and constantly pursue their possibilities

Also organize a regular event Impression organized at the same time
When the number of members is many in one day, go to 4 events, search various artists with their feet, eyes, with ears, make this without compromise

Received a reputation as unexpected and not elsewhere, it has gained great success every time, offers are offered from various places other than Osaka such as becoming a topic

Schedule several songs from Impression on DELTRIBE production snow board DVD scheduled to be released this autumn

For the first time in a bit of this band there are surprisingly many people from various fields, and the movement of AFNICA is progressing without staying

2008 Independent label launches Tight rope record

Vo. Kei
AFNICA lyrics, song melodies, in charge of general art
Started music activity from cutman-booche's back ground vocal

After that, participate in Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe as featuring in Nagoya, Osaka, Hyogo or HEAVYLOOPERS seSSion for 2 years at the chorus of Raggae Disco Rockers

In the direction of painting, we are developing a right brain such as opening a solo exhibition
Four people with two dogs and a cat? Living

progressive kei's diary

Pf. Lake BIWA
Participating in recording at Lattebo, traveling around the US tour with a support band of Maki Rinhana, participating in various bands, now pianist of club jazz pulls mainly in Kansai

The foundation of most of AFNICA's songs is made by him

Gt. Atsumi
Rock, funk, jazz, soul, pop, classical, etc. ... and Heyuni birthpeeporth who loves music, performance and creation for omnivores
A slightly 20-year-old guitarist who continues to create himself tomorrow with his delusional habits

Former Sugar mama bassist

I belong to various bands including Sweet Hollywaians playing USA tours every year and Spirit of Gypsy doing CD release in Europe

Unlike other bands, AFNICA's bass is big, but it supports its bass firmly

I also work on composing

Dr. BanchiA leader to summarize various things of AFNICA

It is also a drummer of BAGDAD CAFÉ THE trench town, there are many other bands' support, and its music activities are busy
Doing various genres, always thinking interesting phrases
Artists who are respected by Tokyo artists and would like to play with him are constantly behind



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