Kim Yeong-dong

金 佑龍






Kim Wooyong
Kim Yilong (Kim Wyong)

K-POP ぽ く な い Western music aiming for traditional Japanese music Journey to drunk bard Minding

2002 formed cutman-booche BAND in Osaka
We released a number of works from 2004 to the dissolution of 2011, valued from many directions,
O.A and overseas artists such as John Butler Trio and Tete and
Appear on a number of large Fes including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and boost the audience

After disbanding cutman-booche,
From middle of 2011 I will travel in Japan with a guitar with one hand

After silence for two and a half on June 19, 2013
Release of the first album Live in Living in solo name

In the same year 10/23 SOUL missionary 45 led by 45 trio
【45 a.k.a. SWING-O (Key), Sunapanng (Bass), Kubo Masahiko (Dr)】
Collaboration album 'Kim Woo Ryong and 45 Trio' released

In addition, this time June 11, 2014
FISHMANS famous song Night Cruising
In 12-inch analog record + CD inclusion format
Full release cooperation of FLAKE RECORDS nationwide release

It seems that circles of reactions are appearing in various places around the world mainly around the word! ! !
Fluffy and tickling inside
Melancholic, Traditional, Organic
Sound play via surf music
Loop sampling into that gap
Honest Husky voice can see traces that were strongly influenced by black music

Originality that seems to resemble someone else somewhere and no one in any place

Sometimes 3 people? 6 people are organized and praised nationwide Popular in the legs!
Tom Weitz and Charlie Chaplin and Yamada Kamachi I longed forRum, whiskey and rakugo are my favorites

Meanwhile, own sessionBAND type project PAHUMA name and
Makoto Kawahara in the name of BIGNOUN (ROCK 'A' TRENCH) Waki ​​Atsushi (tobaccojuice) Nakajima Yasutaka (Spica) and formed an activity



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