Hope and despair, farewell and parting Alcohol and street band life ·Numerous songs that drew a scattered light and a shadow drama Irish punk sound that sticks in my chest! From Osaka = CLOVERS Debut !!







◆ 1991-1999
Shigetobu Hisao (then 16 years old), born and raised in Amami Oshima, aims to become a singer-songwriter and stands alone in Osaka
Living in Osaka while still wandering while still wandering Welcoming invitation from members of the rustic band CLASSIC CHIMES who is based in Osaka based on Osaka now join on a wood base
Shigenobu experienced his first CD release, live tour as the youngest memberDevelop a vision for CLOVERS after 

◆ 2001
Formed CLOVERS with Takao (mandolin), Keisuke (guitar), Mitsuo (drums) who got acquainted with pubs and events
Start a live activity on the street (Shinsaibashi shopping area) and Irish pub Murphy's to Negishi
Shinsaibashi Sanhall for the first live stage

◆ 2002
Haru Mi (Mitsuo elementary school classmate, then mother role) at the accordion, Tsuyoshi joins with a bagpipe and guitar (I will get in touch with Shigenobu pipe training destination)
Then I find hard to find a vocal but I happily wish I could sing it to Tsuyoshi so I hired it (all stunned)
At the time Tsuyoshi is go to the Music College Scotland the Royal Academy to train the United Kingdom of bagpipe orchestra, but (in the Japanese first successful candidates) was supposed to be the, kicking the selection ... attend the activities in CLOVERS , The current organization is completed
Encourage live activity centering around rockabilly, rustic, psychobilly scene, co-star with Tokyo Skunks, Beetle Crusher, Eitmen, Madsin etc.

◆ 2003
Participate in two songs of self-recorded sound source Opening The Clovers / Genuine Heros on the omnibus VIVALASLAP 2003 collecting bands such as rockabilly and psychobilly nationwideVivid intro by bagpipe and Singa long staging are topics and there is CLOVERS in Osaka! It is! And start gathering attention
 While live performances outside the prefecture are increasing, casting offers also come from other than the conventional core scene, making the first Tokyo live

◆ 2004
October 1st album Greenfield Rumble (green field rumble) released from Galactic label
Tower Records Shinsaibashi Store General charts up to 2nd place
BGMAGAZIN nationwide indie chart highest ranked 3rd place
 It became a best selling item in the Tower Record general indy chart and it ranked in the top rank for several weeks
Boston who went to the same month visited Japan to pick up the opening act of Ibarashi punk band DROPKICK MURPHYS 's Tomei Osaka tour performance! November traveling around Greenfield Rumble TOUR (Tomei Osaka, Okinawa, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Okayama)
GREENLAND who was performing in Japan at the Osaka Performance from Reco

We hold a 2 man live with WHALEFISERS (from NORWAY)! It greatly rises with fans who have been waiting for sound sources from various locations!

◆ 2005-2006
THE POGUES The scene gets strange excitement with the screening of Nojya's single solo show, Fuji Rock 05 appearance, Frontman Shain documentary movie, etc. 



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