A sound source will be broadcasted by Toshimi's program at FM Odawara, 【Watanabe Toshimi's INTER PLAY】

The song of MOHIKAN FAMILY'S will be broadcast on INTER PLAY broadcast by Toshimi Watanabe.

FMおだわらにて俊美さんの番組、【渡辺俊美のINTER PLAY】で音源が放送されます

The song of MOHIKAN FAMILY'S will be broadcast on INTER PLAY broadcast by Toshimi Watanabe.


Today, on April 27, 2017 in Toshimi's program at FM Odawara, INTER PLAY by Watanabe Toshimi, today, before the release from 19: 00-20: 00
It seems that the sound source of the Mohawk family is broadcasted, please check it!

You can listen from here on the net.

Currently, the following broadcasting stations can also hear FM Mission 78.7 MHz "INTER PLAY of Toshimi Watanabe" through dedicated program distribution service for MUSIC BAIRD nationwide community FM.
People in the area, please listen ♫
Nemuro City FM Neumuro (76.3 MHz)
Otaru City FM Otaru (76.3 MHz)
Akita-shi FM 765 (76.5 MHz)
Kazuno-shi Kenkiri dumpling FM (79.1 MHz)
Daisen City FM Navi (87.3 MHz)
【Iwate Prefecture】
Ninohe City Cassiopeia FM (FM 77.9 MHz)
Miyako Harbor Radio (82.6 MHz)
Hanamaki City FM One (78.7 MHz)
【Yamagata Prefecture】
Sakata-shi Harbor radio (76.1 MHz)
Yonezawa City FM NCV Okitama GO! (83.4 MHz)
【Miyagi Prefecture】
Natori City Taura 801 (80.1 MHz)
【Fukushima Prefecture】
Aizuwakamatsu City FM Ai 'S (76.2 MHz)
【Gunma Prefecture】
Isezaki City Isesaki FM (76.9 MHz)
【Gunma Prefecture】
Tamamura-machi, Sawa-gun Radio Nanami (77.3 MHz)
【Ibaraki Prefecture】
Kuji-gun Daigo-cho FM Daiko (77.5 MHz)
【Chiba Prefecture】
Narita-shi Radio NARITA (83.7 MHz)
【Kanagawa Prefecture】
Yokosuka City FM Blue Shonan (78.5 MHz)
Yokohama City / Totsuka ku FM Totsuka (83.7 MHz)
Yamato City FM Yamato (77.7 MHz)
【Yamanashi Prefecture】
Kofu City FM Kofu (76.3 MHz)
Hokuto City FM Yatsugatake (82.2 MHz)
Fuji Kawaguchiko Town FM Fujiyama (77.6 MHz)
Fujiyoshida-shi FM Fujigo (76.8 MHz)
【Niigata Prefecture】
Shibata City Radio Agat (76.9 MHz)
Minamiuonuma City FM Yukinagu (76.2 MHz)
Joetsu City FM - J (76.1 MHz)
【Nagano Prefecture】
Suwa-shi Elshibui FM 769 (76.9 MHz)
Azumino City FM Azumi's (76.1 MHz)
【Shizuoka Prefecture】
Gotemba city Mt. Fuji GOGO FM (86.3 MHz)
Ito City FM Nagisa Station (76.3 MHz)
【Toyama Prefecture】
Takaoka City Radio Takaoka (76.2 MHz)
【Fukui Prefecture】
Fukui City Fukui town broadcast (77.3 MHz)
【Gifu Prefecture】
Tajimi City FMPiPi (76.3 MHz)
Gifu-city FM Watts (78.5 MHz)
【Mie Prefecture】
Yokkaichi City Port Wave (76.8 MHz)
Nabari City FMBI (83.5 MHz)
Inabe INA Bee (Inabe FM) (86.1 MHz)
Ayabe City FM Ibaraki (76.3 MHz)
Fukuchiyama City Fukuyama FM Tamba (79.0 MHz)
【Nara Prefecture】
Ikoma-gun FM High Ho (81.4 MHz)
Hiroshima-shi FM Chu-Pe (76.6 MHz)
Onomichi City Fumi Oonichi (79.4 MHz)
【Kagawa Prefecture】
Sakaide City FM 761 (76.1 MHz)
Takamatsu City FM 815 (81.5 MHz)
【Fukuoka Prefecture】
Yame-shi FM Yame (80.1 MHz)
【Nagasaki Prefecture】
Iki City Iki FM (76.5 MHz)
Shimabara-shi FM tumbling (88.4 MHz)
Sasebo City Happy! FM (87.3 MHz)
【Oita Prefecture】
Saeki City Saibi FM (78.9 MHz)
【Kumamoto Prefecture】
Yatsushiro City Kappa FM (76.5 MHz)
【Miyazaki Prefecture】
Hyuga-shi FM Hyuuga (79.2 MHz)
Nobeoka city FM overview (88.6 MHz)



渡辺俊美 FMおだわら

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